My son was diagnosed with alopecia areta. His hair grew in and fell out in may. We just started prednisone and a topical cream. His hair is growing back in like peach fuzz all over. It was already regrowing without the prednisone the doctor thought we could give it a good start with the medication. Did anyone else have any positive experince with this method? Thanks in advance for any support.

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Why would you even consider giving predisone to a 23 month old?

Hi, my daughter is 4.5 and started having AA since 20 months old. Our specialists in Australia (where we lived then) and Canada (where we live now) did not actually put her on meds due to the age. Blood tests all came back okay, so we were left with nothing much. I don't have experience with the drug or cream, but during these 3 years her hair is in much better shape than when it all started. There were some highs and lows in between, but right now it's looking not too bad. 

On top of a healthy diet (that's a must), topical treatment using essential oils diluted in carriers like kukui/castor/coconut oil or good quality ginger juice (for its JAK inhibitors properties) has been greatly helpful.

I am learning more about autoimmune condition (our AA is said to be due to autoimmunity), and right now what makes sense to me is to fix the source of the problem, aka the malfunctioning immune system that is attacking our hair follicles by mistake. There are certain powerful plant foods that have immuno-modulating properties (ability to rebalance our whacky immune system), such as certain mushrooms - turkey tail, ABM, reishi, ganoderma and cordyceps - and cactus. These are potent but they are merely foods, so they help keep the little ones strong and there are no side effects unlike drugs. My daughter has just started this journey so we're hopeful.

I don't mean to discourage but I've read a lot of stories that meds could sometimes help improve the condition but recurrence in the future is also common. It could be good for temporary relief but still try to look for solution for the long term. I'm leaning more toward trying to fix what's wrong at the source.

Have you tried the natural and holistic route? I only suggest this route, because it has given me results. After two years of trial and error- I have my hair and health!  (Thank the Lord and the Heavens) and am now on a mission to help others too. I have posted on my IG account, (same name) with so many articles about people doing treatments, meds, and all with no results or horrible side effects that have led to other illness and issues. I wrote a book and researched so much and am please to share that my client also see results. Try going holistic. It will take time, but your body will heal from the inside out. Don’t ever expect overnight success. No pill will give you that, bu rest assured, mother nature and natural healing has no negative side effects. Wishing you all the best. for more info, pictures, testimonials, my story with pics and much more! 

I think this medicine will help your son. But be careful, the main danger is that baldness often happens due to nervous breakdowns, so that your son will be in the risk zone after entering the university. As a variant, you can constantly use that will do a significant part of the work instead of your son.

I am really sorry for your son. I wish him a speedy recovery. I am sure he will definitely recover and everything will be fine. You can read about this disease here:

Good Luck!



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