Hello all,

We are taking a cruise in a few weeks and my daughter Vanessa (18 with AU) who currently wears a vacumb piece is coming with us. She is really nervous about swimming and snorkeling and someone noticing that she wears a hair piece. I wish she wasn't but she just hasn't reached that point of acceptance yet. So, I was wondering if anyone had any tips I might have not already thought of that might help her to feel more comfortable? Thanks so much in advance :)

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Hi Charlotte,
Your trip sounds fabulous :)
Your daughter should be able to swim and snorkel without any problems. I have worn Vacuum wigs for many years and have swum, waterskiied and been down water slides with out any problems.
If I am out in the sun (at the beach or outdoor pools) I do put a scarf over the top to protect the hair from the sun while swimming. I tie it at the back under the hair and then wrap the scarf ends around the hair and tie in a low ponytail (the hair length in my wigs are longish, about between my shoulder-blades). Out of the water I always wear a hat (over my hair) for skin protection (my skin is fair and I burn easily).
Snorkling would be ok, but be careful not to pull the hair to much when the mask is put on and removed.
Happy to help if there is anything else.
Have a great time
Cheryl :)
Hi Cherly,

Thanks for your reply. I think im going to purchase some scarfs today and see if she likes that look. She'd love anything different to do with her hair. The mask does bother me so we be very careful as you suggested.

Thanks again for the suggestions, the cruise is coming up quick and we are all so excitted! :)




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