I was walking to the library on campus yesterday and I noticed a man who was bald and had the build of a biker, at first I checked his eyebrows to see if he had alopecia or was just bald by choice, and then he decided to say, "Did ya lose a bet, or did you just like the way it looked on me?" I explained my story politely and had a nice conversation with him. But his comment made me think of all the different reactions I've gotten from people, and I was just wondering if anyone has any really good one-liners they'd like to share that either people have said to them (even if it made you wanna punch em, acknowledge that it was clever), they've said to others, or ones that you just made up in your head that you've been dying to share with someone.
Oh and another, a big bald cop asked me once, "So, are you a hair club member too?"

Y'all enjoy this one, I hope we get some good laughs out of our alopecia. :)

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True stories:

A man won't stop staring at me in a doctor's office waiting room. I say: "Yes, I'm bald!" He keeps staring, and I repeat it, louder. He comes over and apologizes and asks why I shave my head! I explain about AA.

A bald guy (obviously male pattern baldness) on a plane asks me "How do you get it so shiny?" I answer: "I use a fine grade of sandpaper."

The checker in the supermarket asks me "..and what are you fighting?" I answer: "Traffic."

A counter staffer at Starbucks asks me "Are you Orthodox?" (I was wearing a Jewish star and a headscarf.) I answered: "No, I'm bald."

And, finally, I am in the habit of saying to bald guys (most of whom have shaved off dwindling hair): "I like your haircut!" Always gets a laugh.

You gotta have a sense of humor about it!

Thanks for the discussion, Malinda!
My husband and I have declared me the "official BBQ" starter this past summer. Can't "blame the flame" for this one:)
Hahaha, this all makes me want to go out in public bald so that I can come back and write up all my reactions on here! So, who dares me?!!!
Dare ya!

( ;-)
my brother is working on some Alopecia shirt design ideas for me and he did one that says:
No its not cancer!
No you can't catch it!
Yes it gives me super powers in bed!

I told him to take off the "in bed" and we could use it but I have to admit I thought it was funny
Totally joking to a friend with a receding hair line: "At least I could grow it back."



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