I'm new and need some time to read through posts for information but hoping you can help

I have been losing my hair for over 6 years.  When I first told the doc she checked iron, thyroid etc but other than that nothing.  5 years later I told her I was still losing hair.  She checked again and then sent me to a dermatologist.  I guess this time it was more obvious and I was believed.  Dermatologist did a biopsy and I received the diagnosis. I was told minoxidil which I should have been trying years ago.  I have not tried it yet.  Embarrassed to say I tried the igrow for 6 months and nothing.

Not sure what to do.

After 6 months I finally went to get my hair cut.  I was embarrassed because there is so much scalp showing.  And I saw more at the back now.  I am scared and horribly depressed.

Any suggestions.  I really need some help and nobody seems to know anything in the real world on where to go/what to do?

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I don't want you to think I'm pushing a sales but please look into Monat. It could be exactly what you need. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you get it and you just don't like it for some reason. It breaks my heart to see anyone say they are depressed from this. My son when through all this. He wore stocking hats to school in the summer bc he was so embarrassed of his spots. Friends would make fun of him. I could hardly bare how sad he was. He has so much more confidence now. He is a song writer and lost pictures and videos of himself. He would have never done that a year ago.
Sounds exactly like sales pitch. Monat is an MLM and products are very pricey. Perhaps you can give some free samples and let others see if products work for alopecia.
I'm sorry you feel that way. Yes it is an MLM but the products work. I'm not sure if it would be better to buy the products in a store or what! As far as the products being pricey is a matter of opinion. For us they were A LOT cheaper then paying for injections and a heck of lot less painful. If you aren't interested then by all means i respect that but please don't stand in the way of someone else that might get a little of their dignity back.

Well, to solve this problem, of Monat, i always go on Amazon.com.  Of course, there are people in the company that are posing as Amazon Customers - so just bypass all of that silliness.  Hell, even the one who makes the products came in and started bashing the ones who didn't agree with her on Amazon.  Really?.

Just go to Amazon.com and type "Monat" in the search engine, and read the reviews and make a decision.

Just because it works for one.  Doesn't mean everyone likes the stuff.

Don't bother going on the Monat.com website and looking for reviews.  It's just like Wen Hair products.  They won't post the negative reviews.

I have to say the one and two star reviews gave me a chuckle.:) 

Good luck.

Again!!! Just because it doesn't work for every person doesn't mean it won't work for some. The clinical trials do not say that it worked 100% of the time. If any one product did work 100% of the time do you think there would be this forum of desperate people looking for hope? Just like all products it will work on some and not on others. Pretty sure Prednisone or any other medication people have tried have the same outcome. Works sometimes and doesn't work sometimes. I don't get the negative feedback. If you don't want to try the products then that is your choice BUT if Monat can help one person as it did my son then all of my endeavors are worth it. Yes it can be bought from amazon which is totally fine by me. There is just 2 problems with that 1. It will cost more 2. There will not be a 30 day money back guarantee. This is America you have a right to make a choice this is just an option that worked for my family.

I think you should stop while you're ahead.  It's not only beginning to sound like a "sales pitch" - now you're going a bit too far with it.

Let people do their own research.  And let them make a decision.  If it doesn't work, i bet $10.00 - you'll stop posting entirely.  

We've seen MLM's, wig vendors, and even thyroid pills sales pitching. 

You're's is not the first - nor will it be the last.  Just stop posting.  It's not a good look for you at all.


just stop.. and good luck to your family. 


I will stop posting to you!! Hope you find something that works. Best of luck! I will not stop trying to help others that need hope!!

That's totally okay, if you stop posting to me?

Just please stop trying to stuff your product down people's throats (and putting me on ignore, by the way) really?

Folks, we have a MLM sales person on the website.. Thank you and good night Momtoalopecia!!

She put me on ignore, oh my gawd!!! (LOL)

Update.. just did some research on this person?  She's been on this website since 9/30.. And guess what?

She's been pushing this product the whole time.  If you want to spend your hard earned cash on this?  Feel free.. But just know this person is pushing a sales pitch and an MLM product.


Mtran200 is right.. it's a sales pitch, folks.



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