I have had baldness on the right side of my head for over twelve years and no matter what I have tried nothing  seems to work, it started out getting thin and never stopped now I am wigs dependent and I am so a shame of it, I hide behind locked doors when I am attending my hair because I do not want nobody to know. Sometimes I feel like shaving my head and be done with it. I also fear peoples will make fun of me. When I look in the mirror I just cry all I can think about is the beautiful and thick hair I use to have. Can anyone give me some advice ? I just want to feel normal  again. I also have trouble with my wigs slipping off my head I am always pulling on them to keep them fitting. HELP.

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hey helen30,

i have the very same thing. As someone posted before, alopecia is unpredictable.  A few years ago, it was the LEFT side of my head.  Before that?   It was my left nape area that went all the way past my left and to the crown.  that grew in, now i'm having a problem with the right temple AND the crown.

At one point it was the front and the left.

When i was in college, i was told that I must favor sleeping on my left side.  okay, i slept on my right.  the left still grew in and next thing i know I was balding at the crown.  I knew it something beyond sleeping on my side.  What was the excuse for my balding crown?  That i was sleeping upside down?

It seems i can't predict, nor cure the areas of baldness.  But i do know that each time they appear - they extend right up to the crown giving the bald patch a large palm sized "tear drop" shape.  And they aren't small either.

I, too, am wig dependent.  I used to wear my hair in buns if there was balding on the crown, i could cover it.  I can't even do that anymore.  I have to wear a full wig..

Just know you're aren't alone, and yes, i felt that shaving my head would be an option.

I can't.  I am very athletic and muscular. It's bad enough when i'm in the gym, and jealous women see their husbands looking and say quite loudly: "Is that a woman?"  when my back is turned - but when i turn around, the husband smiles and sometimes flirts - yeah, i'm DEFINITELY  a woman.  But the hair helps.

I am so glad to know that I am not alone and I thank you so much for sharing your story with me. My problem is that I am afraid to show my head to anyone even my children have not seen me without my wig off and I know they may suspect something is wrong. Some women I seen with alopecia are not shame like I am and they looks good with their bald heads, makeup and earrings on. I always said that if I got sick and the doctors had to pull off my wig I rather be dead. I wish that I can find some type of wigs that fit good like my own hair and I can shower and pull on it and it want come off something that is comfortable let air hit my scalp. I heard something about hair tapes and I watched you tube videos about how to use hair tape and wigs this sound like something I may be interested in, my wigs shifts and slides and I am always pulling down on them and afraid to go out when the wind is high. I feel like I am in prison and just want to be free and I feel like I am hiding a secret that I just want to be free of. I know some people can be so cruel hearted and when I pull my wig off and see the right side of my bald head I think I look like a freak I seen women with balding in the top but never on the sides like me and when I found this website I started to feel better to know that I am not alone and this is the first time I ever just open up about my hair problems and a weight was casted off my shoulders and I appreciated you and everyone for understanding.

Helen, have you considered bonding a hair system or lace wig to your head so you feel more secure? Check out HairDirect.com. They have really helped me get on with my life , despite alopecia.

Dominique Cleopatra thank you so much for that advice, until I joined alopecia world I never heard of bonding and hair tapes and I will try it soon and keep you posted. I have checked out hairdirect.com and glad you told me about this website.

Glad to help! Let me know how it goes. I really like the HD rep Cindy at ext 803. She is only there early in the day though before 2 p.m. EST.



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