I've been watching the trial for the drug by Concert Pharma called CTP-543.  It hasn't started in my area but according to the governmt website they are started in a few places:  https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03137381?term=ctp-543&ra...  Rancho Mirage, New Haven (CT), Portland, Houston and a couple other places.  Anyone lucky enough to get on the study yet?  It's a newer version of Rux.

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I was just rolled over onto the extension study and my doctor told me that I will be on the medication up until it hits the market! Very exciting, however my doctor lowered my prescription to 8 mg pills instead of keeping me on 12mg. Apparently everyone on 12mg have elevated potassium levels. So he wants to see if my potassium level lowers on 8 mg and will put me back up to 12mg if it does lower.

I have rolled over onto the extension study and was told that I will be on the medication until the drug hits the market, very exciting! However my doctor dropped my dosage to 8mg pills twice daily instead of 12mg, apparently all subjects are having elevated potassium levels on 12mg so he wants to see if it`ll lower on 8mg. If it does then he will re evaluate and put me back on 12mg. Have you had any potassium elevations?

until the drug hits the market

this sounds very positive, did he have any idea on timeline? 

hello serge I also have a slight increase in potassium on xeljanz 4.5 instead of 4 but my doctor is not at all worried by conyre I have an increase in cholesterol.
like you I have a bad hair response.
is ctp 543 more effective than xeljanz.
thank you

no. i haven't had any  potassium elevations. are you fasted for your blood work? (i am not)

do you have any idea when CTP 543 will be available in the market ? 

Once the semi local trial starts up for the open study they said they would call me to enroll. I lost 90% of my hair in a few months so im hoping this can grow it back



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