It's my understanding that there's no "cure" for alopecia, but I'm still interested in learning about the varying degrees of success alopecians have had with the various treatments that are offered. Therefore, if you have alopecia and have had any luck whatsoever with a treatment, please share your story here. Be sure to say whether your regrowth was temporary, permanent, partial, or full, and whether you experienced any pain or other negative side effects as result of the treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm only interested in hearing from people who have actually struggled with alopecia and NOT the companies, organizations, and individuals offering treatments and cures.

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Yes, I am fully recovered. It was a long process, but it was worth it.

I went to a dermatologist. She prescribed "Dritho-creme(antharalin)" I started out using it for 5 minutes a night - & increased it gradually following the dr's instructions to 40 minutes a night on my scalp. It leaves you with an itchy scalp - but get through that by knowing that it works.
I also went for cortisone shots every 6 weeks. I also went on prednisone - but I'm not sure if that made a difference - I got a lower dosage in my eyebrows. When I became annoyed that the eyebrows weren't growing back - I applied dithro creme to my eyebrow area. I got good results - but reddened areas. Now after 2 years, no one would ever know I had alopecia.
I also strongly recommend Bald Girls Do Lunch. The founder has alopecia. She taught me how to wear head scarves & her eyebrow makeup is the best. Hang in there & get through this.
I hope you & anyone else reading this have as much success as I had.

When I had alopecia areata, the cortisone injections given by my dermatologist worked. I had alopecia totalis 25 years ago but was pregnant at the time so I didn't get injections when the hair started to fall out. It all grew back after my son was born. Now, 25 years later, I have alopecia universalis. I have contacted an RN/accupunturist whom I trust and she said the studies were "iffy". I've decided to do nothing except to try to control my response to stressful situations. It's been almost a year and no hair growth yet. I have started taking liquid vitamin/mineral supplements which do seem to give me more energy. I'm just playing the waiting game.

I have had a total loss of hair on my head THREE times, over the last almost 20 years. So I did get regrowth - full regrowth, that was sustained for a few years - with basically the same treatments. Part of successful treatment for me was knowing my triggers. At the moment I am coming off my third regrowth, which will hopefully stay. I will be 44 next week and I know that the older you are, the chances of hair staying are smaller.
My treatment of choice is by oral predinsone, over a course of 3-4 months. There is weight gain but you can offset it if you work at it. In addition to the prednisone, I would get a monthly cortisone injection in my arm, but you cant do too many of these, or you will get funky stretch marks on your body. And I also used a topical steroid on my scalp (Olux). These treatments were SIMULTANEOUS.
I just bleach blonded my hair tonight. It is not FUZZ, but hair. I hope it stays again this time.
I hope this helps you.

What are your triggers? My daughter has been struggling with depression and was put on a medication that didn't work for her at all, in fact it knocked her out for months. However during those months she had full regrowth and didn't lose a single hair. We had to take her off the med due to the side effects and she has since been experiencing hair loss, along with relapse in depression. That said, I am wondering what sets others off?

Can you share what your triggers were?

Would you mind sharing with me what your application process for the Olux? Also, if there is anyone reading this post. I tried enbrel injections for one month and everything grew back in 1 month, but unfortunately the insurance doesn't pay for it and it is very expensive.

my daughter was diagnosed in nov at age 5. she started on diprolene drops that we put on her patches along with rogaine. just a couple drops twice a day. she has since regrown all her missing hair and it hasn't fallen out yet. she's only been off the drops for two months so i don't know what will happen long term. no side effects that i know of. her eyebrows have also grown back on their own. she had about 7 patches. it got really bad at one point i really thought she would lose it all. we are cautiously optimistic at this point. it is a crazy disease. my cousin has it and im worried for my other 2 daughters...

Be very dubious about non prescription drugs, Alopecia suffers are vunrable and desperate for help companies trying to sell their items will post anywhere to draw you in.

mommy of 2 boys: my daughter also lost hers for 6 months...same age too. interesting...

Hi, can you elaborate on what you did with juicing that worked so well? It sounds like you applied it to the scalp??


I got a divorce. After that everything grew back. (That's not a joke.)


wow so is it something you referring to sex ?



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