I do not wear wigs. On warm summer days I do not wear anything on my head. I'm always trying to balance which discomfort is greater: mental discomfort or physical discomfort. So if it's cold I wrap a scarf around my head, and if it's hot I face the world with my 'naked truth'.
In both cases I am food for the curious and interested masses.
People either look a great deal and than, if they think I'm out of earshot, tend to share their observations with each other.
Or, and here it comes irritating, they're willing to share their experiences with yours truly.

First they make a lousy apology for speaking so out of the blue to a perfect stranger, BUT.....

When I had cancer...
My husband/brother/etc has/had cancer...
I find it admirable that you dare to go out uncovered[...] My sister...
I know someone who has the same affliction...and he...
I'm a wig maker....(Right, do not let your good manners get in the way with your commercial instinct.)
May I ask if your affliction is the result of medication...I once had...
I know a wonderful doctor that practises alternative medicine, he cured my...[something intimate follows]
My son committed suicide... (WHATTF??)

All these story's (I could write a book about them) are more or less a chance for the orator to vent THEIR grievances. (or just to satisfy their vulgar curiosity)
I end up supplying tissues and words of comfort and sometimes I actually feel sorry for them (while all the time they've just rudely been disturbing my peace without so much as a By Your Leave)
And all becouse I am bald and apparently approachable for whatever comes in their minds.

It's often the case that in the end I feel a lot less sorry for myself than for my griefing opponent.
If it comes to that: I'd be a sad case if I start complaining about very personal things to a complete stranger.
Conclusion: my life is not bad, or at least: it could be worse!

A psychiatrist or a social worker gets paid for his/her efforts, I on the other hand get to feel a bit better about myself!

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Yes to all of it!!! It is so nice to know that I'm not alone, and it is people like you that inspiring me to forget about my baldness and go on with my life. I really hope that one day I can write: "I face the world with my naked truth", so far, I'm on the hats and scarves stage (not brave enough to face my "naked truth" yet!) THANK YOU!!

omg you made my day! folks can be so ignorant, they just don't know what to say. most folks ask me how I am feeling. I have gotten to the point where I just say "great, how bout you?" I keep wondering when they will figure out I don't have cancer as they have seen me for over a year now checking out at the grocery store. and yes, I too, end up comforting them and playing social worker when they tell me their loved one cancer stories. what can you do, they mean well I guess. thanks for posting, you gave me a good chuckle.

LOL! My husband says that I should get a 900#!! I spend so much time on the phone "counseling" people! I don't mind. I've been there and done that and if I can help someone skip over a few of the hurdles of having AU or AA then I'm happy to do that.



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