I have been using the Stamp be Beautiful stamp to create eyebrows. It comes with a felt tip applicator. The eyebrows tend to melt off in the hot weather. Any suggestions for a waterproof applicator or suggestions for eyebrows.

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Hi. I also use the eyebrow stamps. What I do helps, although nothing will keep brows on entirely if you are sweating heavily and your bangs or you accidentally wipe across the area.

First, I use a soft brow powder to shape the brow much like the stamp will do later. Then I use a sealer over it...Bald Girls do Lunch has a good sealer that works for this purpose. When the sealer dries, I use my stamps. Sometimes, I just use the ink pencils that come with the stamps to create the featherly look I want. Once the ink dries, I apply one more coating of the brush-on brow powder.

This works for me even when I am exercising and sweating, as long as I don't wear long bangs or wipe my brow area.

Hope that helps!

Thank you I will give it a try

Carol, I was having this same issue so I finally got the guts to have mine tattooed. I was scared to death, but a week later I couldn't be happier. I had the girl draw and redraw them about 15 times before I was happy with it and then she tattooed right over the pencil. I had her do them light so I can use pencil or shadow over top if I want. Now that I know I like them I'm going to go back in 4 weeks and have her add some hair strokes. I know tattoos aren't for everyone, I just wanted to throw my two cents in because I spent 10 years obsessing over keeping my eyebrows on and I really wish I had done it sooner!
When I did use pencil I found that wiping a little hairspray and powder over top helped to set them.

Thanks .. I plan to have my eyebrows tatooed but want to wait until winter as I am an ocean swimmer and don't want to have to stay out of the water for a few weeks.. so I will do it when it gets a little chilly down here...S.Florida!!

Can you send me a pic? I am looking to get mine tattooed. Any suggestions, or what to look for for??How is the price range?

reesespieces5678, I would take a pic but it's been two years and mine are quite faded by now.  I have mine done very light brown so they don't last too long.  I'm going to get a touch up in a couple weeks.  I can send a pic after that, or I'll see if I have a good clear picture of them from a year or so ago.  They do fade if you're not careful to avoid the sun and wrinkle creams.  I don't always wear sunglasses and use creams with retinol which cause the tattoos to fade.  My advice would be to find some reviews on the person you use.  Once there ask to see their work and have them draw them exactly the way you want them.  My permanent make up artist thought mine should be higher and darker, but that wasn't what I wanted so she spent a lot of time drawing and re drawing before she tattooed them.  I was so unsure she even showed me an actual client in person first.  I think it cost about $350. 

And no they don't look completely natural, but neither does drawing them on with eyeliner.  I'd be curious to try the real hair ones someday, but that's just another thing I'd have to apply.  The tattoos are a world better than drawing them on. 

Wow, those stamps look so cool! I may be purchasing some tonight, thanks for the heads up! I use the Model in a bottle sealant and it works really well to keep my brows on all day - even through long runs and sweating in the CA sun! Hope you find a good solution.


Where do I get model in a bottle?

I've heard about this eyebrow sealer stuff so they don't wipe off. Where do you get them and what is it called?

My go-to because it also supports the alopecia nonprofit Bald Girls Do Lunch is their fantastic BGDL Brow Sealer. http://bitly.com/BGBrowSpecial . You get 10% rebated until June 10, 2015 if you send a note to the seller in the checkout page with the code NEW. 


When my daughter's eyebrows fall out, she really likes the hairy eyebrows. We get ours from Australia "Feelgoodlookgood' (just google it). Linda Boulas(she has alopecia and wears them as well),is the lady that sells them. They are a great colour and suit Libby well. I'll put her picture below so you can see her with them on.

Hope this helps.

My daughter had just come out of the sea. In this piccie she has no eyebrows, 1/3 of her eyelashes and had one of her Freedom Wigs on.




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