I am hoping to start a thread where freedom wig wearers post a photo of their wig along with specs like the color/density/length/curl for other wears to get a perspective on how different combinations look in order to make the best and most informed decision when ordering a freedom hair piece. Does anyone know if something like this exists?

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I also tell my clients to check out pinterest for hair styles.  I have had a lot of luck with that. :)

Hi, I would love to be invited to join your Facebook group. I've been very interested in getting a freedom wig.

I'm waiting for freedom wig to arrive and would be very interested in joining a Facebook group. Do you know if one has been started. I'd love to see different styling options.

I really think it would be helpful for people!  It helps so much to see real live people wearing their Freedoms and how they styled it, had it cut etc.  The Freedom Facebook page does help with some of that but even more specifics I think would be helpful.  

I can point you toward some photos of me. 

This one was taken when I was about 46. It was partially pulled back with a barrette.

This one is without pulling it back at all.Same wig. I'm 47 in this photo.

Here's another nice one. I'm 47 in that photo too.

They are all the same wig. It's "Light curl" and I think it's light density, although I'm not positive.

Thank you for the pictures and specifics on your Freedom piece - it all helps so much.  

I love this idea! I just got my freedom wig and still learning how to work with it. Any suggestions on styling products to hold a curl? i was most excited to be able to curl my hair again but the piece doesnt seem to hold curls well

How exciting for you! I've had my freedom hair for about 5 months and I love it! Can't imagine ever going back to wearing synthetic wigs again. Styling your hair does take some time getting use to, but don't get discouraged. I have had my hair cut (initially my hair was 8", medium density, light wave) 3 times and I'm very happy I waited several months between cuts. In total I have had half of the length taken off & have tried several styling products to achieve my current look. I would suggest using a preheat treatment product to protect your hair. I use pureology shampoo & conditioner & currently use a Moroccan oil mouse product to enhance my curls & provide some texture. My stylist has recommend I use a clarifying shampoo( 100% vegan, uv&color protectant) once a month to really remove any harsh minerals & residue. I'll see if I can find a picture to post. Good luck.

thank you! mine is right at above my shoulders in length. i do think i need to get it a bit thinned out more around my face. and definitely learning patience is the game lol. i would love to see some pictures!!

I don't have a Freedom, but in reply to those of you looking to get hair off your face and to curl, I've dealt with this with other brand new pieces and can suggest the following - 

The "breaking in period" has been the case with all my new hand tieds - whether they were monotops or lace, synthetic or HH.  If I have other hair to wear, I'll put the new hair on a head and pin back the bangs and sides to get it moving that direction, then give it mist with water and let it sit.  Wearing it around the house this way will help, too, as the warmth from your head will help the hair relax and go the direction you direct it. 

For my human hair, I'm reluctant to use heat (babied my own hair along for years) so I put in in pin curls when it's wet.  These don't have to be tight "poodle curls" like your grandma's - you can make big pin curls and direct the curl toward or away from your face that turn into sexy, beachy waves on the take-down. 

When you wet-style your hair, it actually changes the hydrogen bonds in your hair which makes the curls last longer.  My pin curls will endure up to about 50% humidity in the air and last anywhere from 12 to 14 days with less humidity.  Put it up at night to keep the curls/waves tidy. 

Once it's washed, I used a rat tail comb to distribute my leave-in or oil, make sure the returns are calmed and going the right direction, and put just the slightest tension on the hair (hold it at the roots so you don't pull on the knots/insertion) to get the best curl, and use metal two-pronged clips to hold the curl.  Can either put it under a bonnet dryer on lowest heat if you're in a hurry, or let it air dry.  Remember that you'll have more defined sections with a wet set, so over-direct the top so you don't end up with bare patches on the scalp between curl sections. 

I usually just finger comb the curls out when I take the set down, but you can comb and tease lightly to style as you'd like.   

Hi everyone,

I've just taken the step to wear wigs and I've purchased a few synthetic hair ones from the local wig shop.  I'm adjusting to wearing wigs and a big part of it is just plain relief.  Relief from the stress of knowing my hair looked so thin and I couldn't "hide" it anymore.

Now, I'm trying to learn more, educate myself about the different options out there for wig wearers and I think I'd be happier with a natural hair wig that fits me better. 

Was the private Facebook group ever created? I searched for it using "Freedom Wigs" but mostly found public groups that were created by consultants.

HI, I am on my 3rd freedom wig. I have an extremely active lifestyle. I love it, except I can't pull it completely off my face which drives me nuts, so I am actually looking for a wig thats realistic that I can do that. However,  My freedom right now is I believe light curl, medium density and the I believe either 16 or 18 inches. I have a fringe bang and I did get it cut and styled... I didn't get length taken off but many layers and bangs. I think my color is a 4 (dark brown). I included a photo with it curled from a curling iron and one in a pony tail. I agree with breaking it in, I've had mine since Sept and I feel like it's still breaking in. 




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