What hair color does it say on your license? (for those with Totalis)

When I turned 16, I tried to get the lady at the DMV to type in N/A (not applicable) for my hair color. I thought it would be funny but she wasn't amused. So, at the time I had not yet lost my eyebrows, after deciphering my eyebrow color, she took the liberty of typing in BROWN (by the way I grew up with blonde hair haha). However, at the age of 19, when my previous license expired, I had in fact lost my eyebrows... So without even asking the lady (different lady) typed in BLD (BALD) haha. I didn't even know that existed. It did not offend me, but if I were a girl I could imagine that the lady's lack of consideration might have made a little upset.

What do you think?


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well since so much on my license isnt true anymore (height, weight..... etc) why not hair? i dont think it matters. LOL but i would have been pissed if she took the liberty of doing that without asking first....
Actually, the driver's license thing was the reason I first started talking on this site, as I needed a new one and had just bought a wig that wasn't my natural color. (What if I was in a car wreck, lying there lifeless or comatose on the freeway, with my wig thrown 10 feet, and the officer or coroner looked in my purse, fished for my wallet, found out the lie on my license by checking out other body parts, and exposed my lie to the world during the evening news broadcast? Oh, the shame of it all!)

Anyway, I ended up putting the natural color on the license for consistency to old licenses...and to match the other body hair...and no one bats an eye when I wear a wig into a store that isn't the color listed on the license. All they really check is the signature! I stressed for naught.
and all they look at by the TSA in airports is your eyes ( assuming you look pretty much in the ID matching your height/age) and how nervous you appear. All that slow motion they take to flip the pages in your passport is really just time to watch your body language.

I always take my license photos with a wig. If you're having a day where you get questioned for speeding, it's handy to show your bald head and tell the officer that you are indeed having extenuating circumstances that day.
Well when I got my liscense in cali at 16 they put BAL on mine. The lady asked me first tough I said I had brown hair when I was one but now I dont know she got a good laugh out of it. Then when i moved to Nebraska thay made me put brown cause women aren't aloud to be bald weird I know. then i came back to cali and became a BAL again. I was kind hoping they would short bald to bad that would be awesome but ill be a bal
haha women aren't aloud to be bald in Nebraska
well thats what they said wether that is true of not who knows. thought it was funny i asked if i could be clear
LOL You are so right, shortening it to bad would be ultra cool!!!! I want that on my licence (which I always take bald). I don't know if I have that option or not but I don't think my licence even has a spot for hair colour, just my passport (which by the way they didn't find "invisible" amusing so I apparently have brown hair???). I'm in Canada too btw. :)
I posted a Blog about this. My Driver License says Bld too.
i would have done the same. people can be interesting. haha. this made me laugh.



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