I shaved my head about two years ago, and now, I finally have some hair. I've gone through a lot of shedding/regrowing (haven't achieved full regrowth since that episode two years ago/it's been off and on every since). 

I was thinking about looking into hair extensions, but I don't want to risk damaging/losing what little hair I have. Someone told me clip-ins would probably be the best, but I don't know much about it. 

I also am not sure if extensions would fit my active lifestyle (I like to yoga/hike/kayak/swim). 

Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone on here knew much about extensions.


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Hello i too suffer with hair loss and would like ro share my own experience. You can visit me at https://beautifulhairx.com/pages/my-story-meet-corliss

I recently had hair extension put in (glued in) and I also was extremely nervous as I didn't want to damage my hair any more.  I went to an expert on women's hair loss - Bobbie Russell (Hair Therapy For Women).  I flew to Floriday to see what she recommended because I had patches of hair loss and extreme shedding and just wanted to start feeling myself.  She recommended the extensions as well as other great vitamins and products.  She will do skype consultations as well, but it wasn't until I went to see her in person that she said my hair was "better" than you originally thought so I wouldn't need a "topper" but extensions.  I have had them since beginning of December and love them!  I also have had to get them taken out and reattached once and am due for another adjusting in a couple of weeks.  The extensions cost about $300.00.  She also highlighted my hair and as well as a cut.  She researched and found a few salons she recommended for the extension update and adjustment near where I live so I didn't have to travel to Florida everytime.  She was absolutely wonderful!  Hope this helps!

Suzie it is very important to shop quality not price.I had to find my own extensions because everythibg that says human is not 100%. Thank God i had some knowledge prior.I knew there were others like me thats why i now have Beautifulhairx.com
Read my story online. My Dr helped me Dr. Anita Shetty and professional stylist who tested my extensions.My hair is down my back now i still have the loss because of skin lupus in thw crown buti use a closure amd extensions. You can color them to. I get mine sewn in. Use discount code VIP amd get $25 off your order.
Hair extensions have caused some people to lose their hair in the spots it was attached. I would definitely learn all about it myself before deciding whether to get them

I had micobead hair extensions put in over a year ago. I was told it was less damaging and it cost me over a grand. For me it was a very big expensive mistake. It was uncomfortable and painful and didn't look very real. When I had them taken out, there was a lot of shedding and I have lost more hair in the back of my head that hasn't grown back in over a year now. I wouldn't suggest them, but my experience was bad doesn't mean someone elses would be. I just say be very very careful about who you go to. I went to someone with excellent reviews but I don't think she really got how fragile my hair was and she sold me with promises of that it wouldn't damage my scalp. That promise did not hold up. 

You really have to shop around. I suggest try Clip-In first. Cheaper. start at $110

gldean1988 there are many options out there...I researched numerous professionals and came across Bobbie Russell with Hair Therapy for Women.  Go on her website and then do some research.  She has been doing this for years and even invented a kind of "topper" as well.  I really thought that is what I was going to have to wear, but when I saw her in person she said extensions would work.  After 4 months of wearing them I have not had any damage to my hair at all.  They were exactly what I needed to get me through my shedding and patches.  I love them and no one knows I had them put in except my husband and kids.  As far as the cost, I spent $300 for them initally and another few hundred for vitamins and some products for the extensions.  There is some upkeep on them and you will have to get them taken out, cleaned and put back in every couple of months at the salon because as your hair starts growing they loosen up. She recommended a few salons near where I live that have the proper training for the hair extensions you put in.  All of this can get costly, but its certainly cheaper and more comfortable than a wig.   I'm hoping by the end of this year I will not have the have the extension in any more because my patches are filling in and my shedding has stopped a long time ago.  www.hairtherapyforwomen.  



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