I'm curious to know if anyone has every had an episode of AA, and then their hair grew back and has so far never had another bout of it?

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I wish I could say that I have but sadly not, I have had a few years in between bouts though.

Hi Pam

I'm sure there are people out there where this has happened...but you probably won't find them on this site... as most on this site are dealing with alopecia in its most chronic ongoing forms.  

Just to pass on my own family experience...My husbands Aunty lost half of her hair when she was 20 years old...it grew back and as far as I know it has stayed for the rest of her life.... she is now in her early 70's.


Thank you everyone for your replies!


My hairdressers daughter had it once when she was 17. Large spot the size of a baseball on the back of her head. No treatment, just covered it and left it alone and hair grew back over time. Her daughter is 23 now and never had another flare up.

Thanks for sharing Shari! 

I went three years without any issues. 

Do you mind if I ask...do you have AA? So you went 3 years with no hair loss and then it started all over again? Did it happen in a similar way as the first time? Just curious. Sometimes I feel like more information will help prepare me for what the future holds and then I realize alopecia is something with a mind of its own and you can never be prepared. Thank you for sharing.
I did and then i was stupid and got breast reduction surgery and all my hair fell out. I really needed it because of back issues, but sometimes i almost wish id left well enough alone.
I should say...not ALL of it fell out, but i have to wear a three quarter wig now.

I've had alopecia areata since May, have lost most of my hair apart from above the nape area. Its now growing back. I'll let you know if I have another bout....

I was once approached by a 55+ year old lady (At that time my daughter who is now 9 was 4 and almost completely bald), anways, the lady asks me if my daughter was mine. So I said, Yes. She then tells me, "Her hair is going to grow back. All of it." And I said, "How do you know, you know someone with Alopecia?" She then tells me that she had it as a kid. She couldn't remember her age but estimated 5/6/7 yrs. old. She said she had a horrible abusive childhood and believes because of her "stress/unhapiness" she lost everything, even her eyelashes, eyebrows. I noticed her hair was blond so I asked her, "Do you dye your hair?" She said she did. So I asked her, "how many times after that episode you're telling me about did you lose your hair again?" She said, never.  She said she occasionally notices scalding and rubs tomatoes.  That's one story. I mean she said she was completely bald.



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