I found this site online and it is based in Hong Kong.

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I ordered a wig from this company and it should be arriving soon. I'll let you know my experience. Have you bought any wigs from them?

I haven't ordered from them. They have a good variety but I was worried when I saw they were located overseas. Please do let me know if you like it. Thanks!

I will.

I'm not really much of a wig wearer but I thought what the heck it looked good. Inexpensive too.

It's a capless wig which they said is a lot cooler...Anyway I'll let you know.

Fingers x'd

Received the wig yesterday, Tried it on...Nope not what i had hoped for at all. I can't tell if it's backwards or forwards. Didn't look at all like the picture even remotely. Tried it to on again today...Not!!!

I'm thinking about a getting it a  haircut and then go from there...

Stupid me...Whatever...

Thanks! I hope you can make it work.

I have just had the most horrible experience with wigway.  After waiting four weeks for a wig that was listed on clearance (but the credit charge went through immediately it was ordered - this is so you can't claim back your credit card), I got sent a wig that was nothing short of laughable - nothing like the style or colour and it is so thin that you can see right through it.  It was also stated that the wig weighed 127grams  but the one I received weighed 96 grams.  No return address and when I complained they would not let me return the wig.  I posted a review, but of course they never published.  I paid $240 for this wig - these people are nothing short of scammers,  A very expensive lesson learnt!!!!

  I have made an order from Wigsway, the product speed is very slow, but the price and quality is not bad, I like its style and color, the options of color are various and the style is also fashionable! I love it!

I would bet that "Maxine"  is a fictitious name used by a representative of Wigway to try to counter the negative feedback.  She suddenly signs up and coincidentally had a good experience with Wigway?!  This company is a joke.  But you won't be laughing if you order a wig from them.

   I am very sorry to hear that but you do not need to say my name is fictitious, i have seen many complaint about Wigsway, but my shopping experience is not so bad, why you say that? 

I ordered a wig from Wigway and have yet to see it.  I went on the internet and found postings everywhere that this company is: Misrepresenting their inventory, taking weeks to ship, sending inferior merchandise not similar to the photos on their website.  I want to cry because I spent the little bit I could save on my tight budget and will have nothing to show for it. I have requested a refund but have yet to hear anything. I used PayPal but am not getting any real help from them.  DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Danielle R

I had a bad experience as well. I went ahead and decided to try them. The wig is not the same style or color I ordered. It is for my daughter and was supposed to fit a child. It is too big. The price seemed too good to be true and was.

You can change the size because i had this problem too, but i would rather spend time and money waiting for appropriate size and style!



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