I am strongly considering quitting my job because I'm finding it very difficult making the transition from having hair to not having any. I work in NY City, and unfortunately with a bunch of catty women. I have diffuse alopecia areata, and up until now, have been able to get away with my alopecia. I've tried wigs...not for me, and I have not quite figured out what avenue to take...shaving, scarf, hat etc. Well, anyway I don't want to be the talk of the office, or have to explain myself over and over. I think I would just break down and cry. I just want to come to terms with my alopecia on my own time. Just wondering if anyone has quit their job because of their alopecia?

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I always wanted to tattoo my head, Willow, but because I have 1,000 allergies, I'm scared to. I envy you.

I also work in an office with many women. I would not quit. I wear knit crochet hats every day and because they are so fashionable no one seems to notice. I leave a little bang out and brush my hair in such a way to give the illusion of a full head of hair under the hat. I am sure you will find something creative that will work for you and people will just assume that it is just your personal style. But dont quit and let having alopecia stop your life.
I'm a case manager at a non profit organization which provides temporary housing, and I too have considered quitting my job due to alopecia. I interact with a diverse population and always get awkward stares and some times comments as to why I wear wigs. I haven't found the courage show my true self at work. Although, some of my colleagues are aware of my condition. However, I think my fear is the criticism and questions I"ll receive from clients.

With all of that said, I still do have the courage to get up every morning and wear my wig with my chin up.

I don't know when I will get the courage to reveal my true alopecian look but until then I will be strong. You should do the same. Be strong and when you feel comfortable, go for it be yourself. Don't quit your job.
Keep moving forward. Don't let alopecia take over your life. Like you said you will do it on your own time.

Have you tried lace front wigs? I've tried them and thought they look quit natural. However, I stopped using them them because it caused irritation on my scalp and had to go back to a mono wig. I've used scarves when not at work but have not had the courage to wear a scarf T the work place.

Keep me post on your progress as I will do the same.

Good luck :0)

Don't quit over hair. I too live and work in NYC. I have AU as of Jan.2013. I 've been dealing with this for over 3 years. Everyone saw me lose my hair step by step. I wore hats everyday for 2 years, tried wig s of all kinds, still wore hats. I now have  a Follea which I totally love and finally i don't wear my hats any more. Don't quit until you have a follea,  then if you still feel like quitting do it while looking good!

Lucky is right!!!  Lucky to have a Follea.  And the $$$ to buy one in the first place.  And to live in NYC where there are soooo many options.

I have a similar problem working with catty women.  If someone gives me a comment, other coworkers roll their eyes and say bluntly "it's a wig" even though I never had that conversation with any of them to make that summary.

If the hair looks good enough for someone to give me a compliment, then what is their problem?

I had an experience just a few days ago. . . .Is there any support in the workplace without "outing" yourself with Human Resources.  Do people who are partially blind, or use crutches, or have some other handicap have to give constant explanations!?

i definitely know how you feel.  I realize your post is almost a year old.  I hope you have found some reasonable solution.  We all need our jobs.  We should not have to be treated poorly for something that is beyond our control.   Wishing you the best.

I've had people to look at me funny (even those just meeting me for the first time).  I have people laugh at me at meetings or smirk.  I even have people treat me like I am a lowlife because I wear a wig.  I usually dress very professionally and carry my self professionally, so don't understand. . . I wonder if it is racism or my hair/wig. . . The whole this is just sooooo frustrating.  Again, we all need our jobs. 

Please try to make the best of the situation.  I'm glad to have this website when I've had a bad day/week.  All the best to you.

Hi Heather, I work in Healthcare and meet so many people out marketing! I have had AU for 26 years and I wear wigs to work. I get very nervous when I change from one wig to another because people usually comment! They tell me I look great! I know that's positive but just the fact that they point it out makes me feel self conscious! I don't usually share with everyone that it's not my real hair! I also hate to call my hair a "wig" sounds ugly to me! Just my own feelings! I am with some of the others on quitting your job! Do it because you want a fresh start not out of fear! You will find your way! We all will! I still struggle after 26 years and I thought I would get past the hurt someday!

I used to have a full-time office job but due to my alopecia progressing, I decided to quit it for the sake of my mental health. I found https://writingcreek.com/grant-writing/ where I could get a freelance grant writing job very quickly. I know that people can successfully maintain their social and work life while still having alopecia but for me personally, it was very hard. Also, I agree with you about wigs. For me, they were very inconvenient even though many people love them. I just could not wear them to work.

My friend was quit his job, because he start the treatment procedures.



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