hi everyone ...this is my first post on this forum ...sorry for my bad english im from europe and i know i dont speak very well... I need some help or advice for buy my first wig ! i have alopecia since i was 5 so i dont have any hair.... this isn't i real problem for me , i like how i looks like also without hair , i have a lot of headwear and i like it but i want to try something new ! id like to have some different wigs in different colors so i can change my look when i want.... here in my country there arent good wigs shop because only a few people use wigs ...i watching so many web site and i found this forum ...maybe you can help me ! i looking for a synthetic wig with lace front ...i saw many good review on youtube about the jon renau wigs... i like the jon renau hair cut and i find a shop for costumize the cao ...what do you think? is a good choise? do you have any experience ? for my first wig i dont want to spend more than 300$ ...maybe if i like that i buy a human hair one in a second time .... thank you to anyone can help ;)

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I did not say your wig was from some other site, in fact I did not realize the picture posted was by you. I only visited the site, compared it to hair direct and ran a check on it.

Now that I look at the picture, I wonder why the front PU is still intact if you are wearing it...most people would take the photo after the wig has been properly attached.


I have been a member of wigsupport for many years. The ladies there are good people. They mostly know about synthetic wigs and lace processed human hair wigs.

If you are going to use a wig that is lace, handtied, with processed human hair or synthetic hair it would be worthwhile understanding your own needs and wants around a wig.

I think it is always very worthwhile to investigate your needs first, then match them to a wig that is able to achieve what you require. There are always limitations and compromises with wearing a hairpiece and you need to work out what yours are. Do this before you buy anything.

Good luck with your investigations.


Hi, I have to say the Expression by Revlon is my favorite lace front and most comfortable other than my newest Freedom Vac hairpiece. It runs about $245 on wigs.com. It is temple to temple lace. I had bangs cut into it and get lots of compliments on it. Hope this helps. By the way I own about 15 wigs. It is hand tied also which makes it comfortable on the scalp.

I also wanted to add that I wish I had known about the Freedom Vac years ago. For all the money I have spent on wigs I could have purchased another Freedom Vac.

Its a Transparent Lace wig with Extra Light(50%) Density.

That is a pretty wig. Where did you buy it?

Actually we are a custom hairpiece and wig factory located in Bangladesh. Our company name is HAIR COAT (haircoatbd.com). We made this wig for a cancer patient in UK.

What is the color? What is the hair type? It is almost the color I would want, but just a tad bit darker, but not ash.

Lexi, this color can be easily toned to your specifications. Since it is so light a simple toner can adjust the color.

Hi Lexi, It is an Ash Blonde color wig made with Bangladeshi Remy (Better than Indian). Probably you need Dark Blonde.



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