Help! Just received a new wig that was supposed to be straight and it's wavy :(

So the story goes as this. I finallt decided that I was tired of wearing crappy wigs and saved up over a thousand to finally get a custom made wig made for me at this hair restoration place near me in Maryland, really the only one there so I wasn't really able to shop around. Anyway I wait nearly 4 months for them to make it ( not them but some factory in China ) and fianlly I get my wig and its CURLY! I has asked for hair with body not ocean mermaid curls! 

Anyway the offer to get  me another one saying that this time it will be straight.Another 4 months of wearing a poodle and I have relocated to Austin, TX for work. They still were kind enought to send me my replacement wig which I just got and guess what....its CURLY AGAIN :( So now that I am no longer in Maryland they have pretty much just written me off and I don't feel like waiting abother 4 months so I have this wavy wig again. I don't know what to do to make it straight because I know any kind of chemical straightener will kill it ( and it had to have already been chemically treated since it does have wave) and blow drying to every day is just the same damage. Flat irons are naughty....

But I did read that you can use bioling water on a synthetic wig to make it staright...and I am wondering if this will do the same thing for human hair. Has anyone heard of this technique? Or should I just start saving again?

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I got a really good one that looks real at a really great price and nobody notices they always ask me who does my hair lol  I've bought plenty from there...

Oh, my.  I surely would not put boiling water on any wig!! Why ever can't you use a flat iron to straighten it? Did it arrive to you curly or did it become curly after wearing or after washing?  I can't imagine ordering straight hair and paying that much money and it is curly. I CAN imagine being taken by a wig shop for a bunch of money, as I was out $2K. And what they ordered for me was a disaster.  And, no, don't put chemicals on the HH wig either.  I am sure it will be damaged.  Does it just keep curling up or what?  I don't understand.  It must have come to you straight, right? 

It curled the second I washed it. I wear my wig sewn in so it gets washed often and having to blow it dry with a round brush every day can't be good for the hair. Currently I ran some coconut oil on the ends and that seems to have helped. Looks like I'm going to have to make friends with the wave for now. I really don't want to risk damage. 

I order remy Indian hair units in silky straight texture. They wave up when wet, which I don't mind, since it looks quite natural on me. When I want poker straight hair, I use a Brazilian oil spray that I bought at the drug store, with a flat iron. The treatment lasts for quite a while, even through shampoos. The application of coconut oil also helps. If I wanted straight hair all the time without the need for styling, I would look into a good synthetic or synthetic mix. Even Chinese virgin hair waves up slightly when wet and requires styling after a shampoo. I think it is the nature of most human hair types to do so.



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