I have been bald for about 17 years and I wear human hair wigs.   They are so expensive, I live in Kansas/Missouri.   Insurance will not pay for wigs which is so stupid and ridiculous because they consider it to be cosmetic to need hair!   Specialists can call it cranial prosthesis for the actual medical term but insurance sees it as a cosmetic issue NOT a medical issue which it is.   Any tips on where/how to buy wigs?   I can't afford $1,000 wigs but that is what it costs (and that is on the low end) to get a good one and I need a new one soon, I only have 1.  :(

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Good afternoon. I sent you a friend request. I have some ideas on how you can work with insurance companies to cover cranial prosthetics. I look forward to helping you work with insurance companies, 

Hi I have not really ever been on this site much so sorry just responding.   I would LOVE any information/advice that you could give me! 

First you need a prescription from your Dermo. for a Cranial Prosthetic with the correct medical code for Alopecia Universalis. Then you need to craft a letter for your doctor to sign indicating the emotional distress you have and how it relates to your personal and professional life. They need to close with stressing how that if you do not have the cranial prosthetic that it causing you major difficulties in your daily life. The stronger the letter is the better the chance you get it approved. Each insurance company is different and even if you have the same name brand insurance depending on your companies agreement for the plan it may be different. Lets say we have Blue Cross PPO and you have the same our policies may differ. Be sure your doctor codes the diagnosis correctly, that is critical. Then you get must obtain a CP from an establishment that has a ID number that is more medical related. In other words, you cannot just get a sales slip from a wig shop that does not have an ID for cranial prosthetics. Many human hair salons that deal with folks with medical related hair loss has that ID number. No where in the sales slip can it say "WIG", it must say Cranial Prosthetic.

I hope some of these suggestion work.

Best regards.

Etsy look up crown couture wigs!

anastasia is amazing! She has many in stock wigs

or custom long would def be around 1000 but shorter looks a lot less! Her wigs are amazing and she is amazing. They look so real and grip to your scalp. 


Human hair wigs are more expensive because they bring real hair. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find good human hair wigs under $1000. I know a website that provides premium human hair wigs for women at an affordable price. Name’s Temi Mofe. 

I’m also suffering from alopecia totalis. Have purchased 3-4 human hair wigs from it last year. Never faced any problem. Would recommend you to give its human hair wigs a try.

I've been wearing full lace human hair wigs for years. Preferably virgin mongolian hair that I order from China.  However, the recent wig craze has driven the price of full lace wigs through the roof.  Mostly offered are lace fronts that don't feel the same. I feel your frustration.

Trust me a good wig doesn't need to be so expensive! I saw a seller https://www.donmily.com/hair-wigs.html that sells the most expensive wigs for $200+ (if you need women's wigs, the wigs for men will be cheaper than women's), you can check out their products.



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