I am father of a 14 yr old alopecian boy.. Seeking help about treatment and guidance about what stage it is?

My son developed 3 patches when he was 8 one of them filled and 2 left for 3 yrs no hair loss on head but eyes brows and eye lashes come and gone  About 18 months back. Hair loss begins and about 50%of head hair r gone. Now.. Is it. Totalis or. Universals  ?  R there any medications or treatment and what is cosmetic changes? 

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Xeljanz (Tofacitinib) is a medication that a lot of people have been using over the last years and has helped to grow hair. 

Tofacitinib is part of a general family of JAK inhibitors which target to stop signal of the immune system related to making hair fall (that is very high level description of it) 

There is a lot of research going on right now by many pharmaceuticals and universities to introduce new better medication.

People have been buying Tofacitinib from various markets around the world

You can check for more in this thread discussion https://www.alopeciaworld.com/forum/topics/xeljanz-tofacitnib-citra... 

Its a 14 yo child for goodness sakes, and you're suggesting Xeljanz.  Shame on you. 

What do want Hagster? Others to suffer as badly as you do?

We are in a European country and children are treated with Xeljanz until newly designed meds are available. Go for it. 

Shame on you, Hagster, for such a snarky comment!  Just because you have decided that having a normal appearance (i.e., hair) is not important, does not mean the rest of us should agree.  I don't care if you are 14 or 114, hair is important to most normal people.  Alopecia Universalis is a real disease!

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The treatments that are being tested and used off label are not being prescribed for people under 18. Watching our children go through this is very hard but with the support of love and friends they do make it through. I would hope you are a member of NAAF so that you can find the information and support you and your family need. Best regards, ALOMOM

You should mind mapping your son for education help it is very important because today is the era of new inventions and learning sharply new things by using smart device small child can get more attractive to learn new things. I refer parents to give permission to their child to use smartphones.

My two cents: I'm 42 and have had alopecia since I was 16.  When I started out, I was given corticosteroid shots in the head.  They worked then but as I have gotten older they don't now.  I also had a surgery for breast reduction in 2011, though, so I think that possibly could have contributed to that.  My advice is start your son on the steroid shots and as he is over 18, try to see about getting him into medical trials (unless we are lucky and things are FDA approved by then!)  Xeljanz is getting closer to FDA approval but I still don't know the projections on that.  I personally am in a trial for Baricitinib which is another of what they call "jak inhibitor" or immune suppressant drugs that tamp down inflammation your son is experiencing in his immune system.  I have tried several things but so far, corticosteroids when I was younger (and they worked) was the first thing I had success with, and since, this trial with baricitinib has been the only subsequent thing that has worked.  Minoxidil is snake oil - it does not work.  Don't buy Keeps.  Don't buy stuff that's advertised on tv for hair loss.  None of that crap works. Hope this helps.  Cheers, Kat

hi @hahid  - sorry I haven't been very active but this site but my son was about your son's age maybe 16 when we started to try and take some action to fight his Alopecia. We spent two years with injections with limited results and then he lost his eyebrows. We went to a Dr. Lindsay Bordone at Coumbia in NY and had a lengthy fight to try and get Xeljanz. It is hard to get covered by insurance but ended up being covered fully by Pfizer / Xelsource program. It doesn't work for everyone as you will see on the main thread someone gave you, but it does work for many. Dr Bordone has treated patients your son's age not sure where you are from. 

Here are some comments and you can see some before/after photos: 


Good luck.



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