I finally shaved my head. July 16. It was awesome. I cried most of the day - almost mourning my hair. We bought a camera, took pictures with my family, put the little bit of hair i had left in a pony and hubby shaved it!!! Very freeing! Shaving with a razor is kind of difficult, I have done A LOT of "nicking". So after 2 years of slowly losing 80% of my hair....it is done! Some family members still dont understand, but hoping someday they will.

One thing that is funny is my husband bought me a partial wig (?) - it has hair attached to a baseball hat My older kids said they are now used to me with no hair :)

Thanks for letting me share this. This had been so hard, as most everyone can empathize.


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WAY TO GO! That is wonderful. It is very freeing, isn't it!! Don't worry about the "nicking"... the more you shave, the easier that it will get. Are you using a regular razor? I use the HeadBlade. I found out about it from the founder of "Bald Girls Do Lunch". I feel like it makes shaving your head easier. You are brave! Hugs!

You're such a brave person!
Your challendge was to overcome yourself, and you did it!

Alopecia is much more hurtful for women, because of social stereotypes.



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