Came across this account on Instagram documenting someone's progress on Xeljanz. As of today they have been on it for seven weeks and is having amazing results. Is this someone on this forum???

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Justin, who started this thread, is using the Phizer card, I think. Maybe ask him for the details? I also think going through a rheumatologist might get you better results from your insurance company. Mine was able to get approval to try the drug on me based on his experience with it for treating RA patients. So far I haven't had to spend out-of-pocket at all.

That is actually a great idea!  Had not thought of it.  I am definitely going to look into that.  Thanks so much!

The card has worked for almost everyone who had tried it so far on this forum that I am aware of. You may have an issue with the pharmacy not understanding how to process it or how it works, but after a month of trouble I was able to get it to work thanks to the help of others on this site.

Before and after photos - my son started on Xeljanz on March 19th - pics are 4 weeks then 7 weeks

Looking great!

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Is this still a thing? lol



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