Is it possible that Alopecia Areata could be caused by fake jewelry?

I think I just had a sudden realization that:

1. I have an allergy to Nickel (So does 10-20% of the population).

2. My alopecia started at the same time I started to wear a fake necklace.

3. My alopecia began to receed for a while after I stupidly lost the necklace.

4. My alopecia has come back with a vengeance now, after my dad gifted a fake watch to me.

So do you guys think that it may be possible that ones immune system could be reacting to a nickel allergy, (from the nickel in fake jewelry), and causing both Contact Dermatitis and Alopecia Areata?

It may be a stretch but it all seems to link up in my mind.

Should I remove my watch for a few months and track my progress?

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Please Google / read about how autoimmunity works - as AA is an autoimmune disease - and draw your own conclusions.


There is no proof in your words man. I started to lost my hair when turning 31 y.o. I inherited it from my father, nice that I'm already married because no women will look at me. I feel uncomfortable, as I'm already sixty. That's life what should I do. So, I don't really believe that it happened because of fake jewelry, but if you are afraid of it be more aware of buying more qualitative things. Gold jewelry is the best, no allergy, no alopecia. If you are looking for smth gold and shiny visit this website. For your girlfriend is gonna be an awesome present!

I am also allergic to nickel.  I found out when I was 12 years old and got me ears pierced.  However, I did not get alopecia until I was 41.  It would be interesting to see how many of us on this forum are allergic to nickel.  There could be an immune sensitivity to nickel due to our disregulated immune systems but I don't feel that it is the cause of the alopecia.  I wear only stainless steel, platinum or 18k gold.  14k gold tends to have alloys that may or may not irritate my skin, so my husband made sure my wedding ring was gold when we got married.  I wish you well and I trust that there are soon going to be FDA treatments to help alopecia aerata in the near future. Be well.



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