Is There Any Progress With Fake Eyebrows Over Recent Years? I Need Advice on Where to Buy Good Fake Eyebrows Online

Hi everyone.

I have AU and I've been out of the loop for a long time because I was not engaging with the society much. But recently I decided to re-stock on my inventory of fake eyebrows and maybe engage more with the world.

I really need an update about fake eyebrows from people who use them. Was there any progress, is there any new products on market?

And really need to know a good place where I could buy a good quality fake eyebrows from. Last place I used was and it's not in business anymore as I understand. I liked their products.

Thank you.

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I get mine from this web site.  Pretty spendy. $50 per pair.

Hi - I'm also looking into eyebrow wigs.  Did they work for you?

Yes they worked very well.  BUT, they are stick on. I live in SW Florida.  It's hot, one fell off and I lost it.  :( 

Now I use the glue.  I also bought the cleaner.  It's all available at their web site.

I ordered the $50 eyebrow wigs from, with the other products to glue the wigs in place and clean off the debris.  It would be so great if they could be a solution to my eyebrow issues.   I am no good at drawing on the eyebrows despite years of practice and several instructions.  I ordered the light brown color eyebrow wigs thinking that I could use brow powder to darken them as necessary.  It's always been a struggle to get my eyebrows the right color - my wigs are brunette with highlights of blonde and auburn.  The eyebrows I draw on always look too dark to me, even though before losing all hair, they were thick and brown.

whoops posted twice!

have you tried

They have waterproof tattoos that look super realistic.  I just ordered

have you tried



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