Hey guys! I'm wondering if anyone has any good sites for wigs that don't cost a fortune but still decent in quality? I've lost most of my hair had to shave it off, eye lashes on my right eye and my left eyebrow and I have a wig but I don't really care for how it feels on my head.... I did have some growth for a few months but I am loosing my hair again and will most likely just shave it off again... I don't mind the bald look but I also have days where I'd like hair too... Lol
Also what do you ladies do for eyebrows and lashes if you want them?... I'm not much into make up and have zero idea what I'm doing with anything.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.❤thank you.

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I'm just now starting to wear wigs so I'm not that much help.  I'd love to know where to look too. Right now I'm just getting synthetic wigs from Paula Young online and my hairdresser has been able to thin them out for me. I can't afford anything like the Freedom Wig but I wouldn't mind spending more if I could find something great. The return shipping and restocking fees can add up.  I'm hoping someone will see your post and comment. Sorry I can't be much help.  :( 

Have you thought about asking the foundation for help to get yourself a quality wig? I know a company that helps people who need help.

Wigs - human hair wigs cost an absolute fortune. You can find synthetic wigs on SHEIN very very cheap and they look incredible on. This one is my favourite 


Eyebrows -  I use 'benefit Ka-Brow!'.  You can do a lot of different trends with this such as fading. 

Eyelashes - I always order these ones attached from China. They are soooo cheap and the eyelash band is soft so they are comfortable and look really natural when used with dark eyelash adhesive and a good gel eyeliner.


Hope this helps xx

Hi Kristy,

try www.dollhousebeautylounge.store the owner has alopecia areata,and she creates costumwigs 

i have two wigs from them and they lasted long!for a decent price.

Sent them a message 

good luck!



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