I still see little hairs growing on my daughter's scalp is that a good sign her hair will grow back?  We've been using medications on her and haven't had much success with flucinonide and tretinoin.  Now her derm prescribed her to use olux hope that works better.  Any advice on this?

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Hello and welcome

Alopecia Areata is a condition where it is impossible to predict outcomes.  Sometimes (especially with children), it will go into a natural remission, but at this time there is no known cure.  

If I can help or support you in any way feel free to contact me.


Yes unfortunately it went from areata to totalis along with some of her eyebrow and lashes falling off. I wish there was a cure for this!

So do I. 

My daughter also has alopecia she is older than your wee girl (23 now).  She has had alopecia in various forms (AA, AT, AU etc) for the last 11 years.

You aren't alone.


What medicine has she used?

Hi Ahmed

We have never used any medications or treatments for her alopecia.  Her hair has gone in and out of remission on it's own.


When her hair grew back did it grow back fully?

No, not fully.  A couple of times about 97%, a couple 70%, but never fully.  Sadly it always fell out again as well. :(


Our daughter was diagnosed at 18 months. She lost everything like your daughter including most of her eyebrows. We went to a very good dermo in Brooklyn NYC who gave her three doses of prednislone steroid along with topical treatments. We also started researching on our own and went to a holistic doctor. We found out about the research being done at Columbia University with Dr Christiano and that she figured out the gene that causes AA is the same gene that causes celiac, and rheumatoid arthritis. Both of those disease can be helped with diet.

We started her on a gluten and dairy free diet. Of course we consulted her Doctor and dermatologist. The holistic Dr helped us with the diet and she also highly recommended taking a daily probiotic along with a castor oil soaked rag on her belly with a warm compress. It's a natural anti inflammatory. I know it sounds silly and I was not really sure that it would work. But before you know it she started growing her hair back. It's been about a year and she still has spots but she has about 90% of her hair.

The problem is who really knows what works? It's an unpredictable disease. Our case is not enough to say its a scientific fact, but nothing we are doing will harm her and it makes us all eat a little healthier. It makes sense to me the more you research that it's very much related to your GUT. I believe diet is key in keeping this disease in check. Bottom line eastern and western medicine can help check into it!!!

I wish you the best with your daughter!!!


Making sure our bodies have the balance of vitamins it needs to function properly is important.  Has your daughter had a blood test done by the Doctor to make sure she isn't deficient in any vitamin?  I did and I was deficient in Vitamin B12 and low in Iron Ferritin.  I increased both of these and my hair has started to grow back.  

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Athenasdad I will definitely try that. Debbie we went for blood work in the beginning when we suspected something was wrong and all of the tests came back negative. Its just our luck, but we went to another pediatric dermatologist in NYC over the weekend and she had high hopes for her hair growing back. We've been using clobetasol and elidel which the doctor stated is a good route for treatment. We can only pray and hope its nothing worse and it'll come back.



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