My new "biolon" wig. The style is called "Radiance". It's very silky feeling. The colour is beautiful with just enough variation. The cap is comfy and has a grip material on the inside so does not ride up in the back like my old one. NOTE: It only comes in "petitie-regular". I have a very small head and it fits me perfectly. I have read that others found it too small. I also read that others found they had problems with static but it's too soon for me to report on that. When I first tried it on it looked ridiculous but Kathy worked her magic (straightening and cutting) and I just love it now! It cost me $900 +tax. (Canadian)

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What ever is a Biolon wig?  Explain...

BIOLON is a new synthetic product which claims to be "bio-identical" to human hair. It's heat resistant so can be straightened and curled. I found the following description on-line: "Biolon is the latest advancement in replacement hair materials. It looks and feels just like human hair, but resists fading like human hair does and is less prone to tangling, making it easier to care for. These wigs are designed primarily for people with complete hair loss, such as those affected by alopecia.

The wigs are very lightweight and have a completely clear mesh cap, allowing natural scalp tone to show throughout. They are constructed using only SHI (single hair injected) technology – no wefting – and also feature added polyurethane for extra grip."

I would be very interested in how this wig performs and holds up over time.  Keep us informed. Thanks so much. 

Hi Lexi

I wanted to let you (and everyone know) that my first BIOLON wig performed very well. I wore it to work every day for 15 months. I washed it approx. once a month with Gisela Mayer synthetic wig Shampoo and Balsam which worked great. NOTE: I also tried using First Lady shampoo and conditioner on it but it left it looking greasy and I had to use dry shampoo to asborb the grease.

Over time the fibers were not as silky feeling but it still looks great. It did not fade at all and did not noticeably shed. I also had it trimmed a few times over the 15 months so the end stayed nice.  I recently felt like it was starting to get to the end of it's lifespan so I ordered a second one identical to it.

This wig, like many, has to be cut/customized and I had to go back to my hairdresser 3 times to get my new one "adjusted" to a point where I liked it. My stylist is amazing > She has training and lots of experience cutting wigs. She doesn't charge me for the trims until I'm happy with it! That's a photo I took yesterday with my new BIOLON wig

looks great!

It looks fabulous, great colour too

Wig was super expensive, right? I looked at their website...some of them are permanently on your head, some say semi permanent?? I don't understand. They are so very costly....

Yeah, I was kind of confused about that too!  My best guess is that some of the wigs -- particularly the full lace wigs -- require bonding?  But even bonding eventually wears off, so it's not "permanent".  



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