I've had alopecia universalis for just over a year now and within the past month or so my nails started pitting, they break very easily (they've never been very strong), and now my worst nail is peeling. So far the peeling is on one of my thumbs, the top layer on the half of my nail closest to the tip came off. The cuticles are cracked which makes them slightly painful and the top of my thumb nail that is peeling is more sensitive. Has anyone else experienced this? It seems as it's only getting worse. Is there anything that works to make them healthy again?

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Try Biotin. It's a vitamin available over the counter everywhere. I swear by it.

I would also recommend biotin. It has some proven effect on nails. In additon there are a few other nutirents that help nails such as zinc and selenium. I would take a blend of these and your nails should start to get better in the next few weeks.

I have been au for at least 15 years, last year my nails got really bad, so bad that the nail it self although still growing was completely separated from the nail bed, I had to cut them right back to avoid catching them on things, I had to use plasters to protect the skin beneath them as my finger tips were so tender and sore. At the time I could not see my nails getting any better, I thought there was no way the nail would reattach it's self back to the bed. Looking for hours on the Internet I could not find any cases as bad as mine and thought I lost them for good, so with that in mind I did nothing to treat them, after all nothing worked for my hair. But here is the strange part, 1 year later my nails are as good as new, really strong, it's like the attack on my nails stopped over night. This is my first ever post but I just wanted to share my experience on here in case anybody might be feeling as worried about it as I was. I do think the nails are a good indication to what stage the disease is at.

So your nails became stronger by itself Ryan630? Or did you do something to grow them back? Did you take some food supplements or changed your nutrition or something?

No I did not change anything, I notice that once a year normally during the summer that I get alot of very small vellues hair all over my scalp and face, never turns terminal but it's during this stage that my nails improved. Your nails will always grow so I'm sure with a bit of time they will get better. I really do not think food supplements will help unless your diet is really bad, you should see the diet of some of my friends it's a wonder that they are even walking let alone have healthy nails and hair.
I've had AU for about 4 years and I have also had nail issues. I work with materials that would make anyone's hands dry, but sometimes my nails will start peeling horribly. I take biotin supplements when this starts to happen and I think it helps. It comes and goes.

It is really great to hear that they grew back after some time. I really tired a lot to make my ones stronger. Unfortunately there is no magic remedy for nails.

Try cuticle oil.  It helps grow the nails and helps the skin from peeling around the fingers.  I also use Biotin, Zinc and Nature Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamin.  You probably saw the commercial for the 30 Day Challenge.  I use it and saw some growth on my eyebrows and my eyelashes.   

How often would you recommend to use the cuticle oil? My nails are still weak even though I am taking food supplements for a few months now.

I Hoof is the name of the cuticle oil tha

Sorry having computer problems.  Hoof is the name brand of cuticle oil that I purchased.  I stubled onto it by accident.  It was the greatest thing for me.  In the beginning I used it 2-3 times a day and at bedtime (when you don't have to wash your hands so much).  My nails were weak and would not grow.  The skin around the nails constantly peel.  Once I started using cuticle oil my nails began to grow within the week and the skin around the nail stopped peeling.

Thanks a lot for sharing. I think I will try that to improve my nails. Hope it helps me as much as it helped you.



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