“There are kids and adults that have committed suicide over this,” said Charlie Villanueva, the former Detroit Pistons forward who now is a reserve for the Dallas Mavericks.

“It’s not a life-threatening disease, that’s why a lot of people overlook it.

“But it’s life-threatening because, emotionally and mentally, it can screw you up with the bullying and not feeling confident and low self-esteem. It definitely has its downside.”

That’s why Villanueva has set out to educate people about alopecia. He has been afflicted with the disease, and is putting together a movie about how it has affected his life.

Villanueva has had two screenings — one in Dallas and another in New York — about the movie. A third screening will take place Sunday in Toronto, during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend.

By September, Villanueva hopes to have raised enough money to have the entire project finished and in movie theaters across the world.

Read more in the Detroit Free Press

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   In the streets a lot of people mistake me for Charlie, lol. I met him once in NYC and he's a great guy. I'm glad he's doing this. Wish him all the success in the world! 

Wow... It is very cool. In general, I am a fan of such creativity from athletes. After all, it's cool to watch some movie, the idea of which was invented by an NBA player. Usually, I always watch such films or read books written by famous athletes. After all, mostly in their creations, players talk about the path to success or about what mistakes they made. And realizing this, people will avoid such mistakes and become successful. I think I watched this movie about six months ago. Because I remember that Charlie Villanueva's name was on the movie's cover. And before viewing it on flextor, I read its description...



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