I saw some YouTube reviews of O Zone wigs and I ordered one. Has anyone else tried them? If so, whatchya think?

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What the heck is an O Zone wig? I just googled it, but really can't come up with anything. When you get it, whatever "it" is, do tell us all about it. What is so special about it? Thanks for sharing.

I wear synthetic lace front wigs and my biggest issue is the lace doesn't go back far enough...so the tracks start to show on top. As soon as I get it, I'll post a reply and give my "review". Supposedly these wigs have more lace and seem to have light enough lace to match my skin.

I don't know what O Zone wigs are, but I can tell you that you can probably do much better -- and get a custom fitted full lace or lace front, human hair unit -- if you look online and don't shy away from the Chinese vendors. Not expensive virgin European hair, but good quality, soft hair made to your specifications. The lace fronts have about 3 inches of lace in front of the wefts, but for an additional cost of maybe $30-40, you can purchase a full lace wig made to your measurements. You can message me for more information. I don't sell these units; I am just a consumer with AU who doesn't want to part with thousands of dollars every time I want to change my hairstyle.

where do you get your wigs, and how do you put them on? I want something I can take on and off on a daily basis. I am also afraid of the upkeep of HH wigs.

Yes but they're probably thousands of dollars. :(

I haven't paid more than $300, which includes the $35 shipping fee from China.

Do you still order from China?  I had been using Cooperwigs but they can't do my custom order right now and I need a new company.

I have paid $300 for a full lace wig from China and it didn't last me any longer than my cheaper synthetic wigs. It ended up looking bald in the back. It was nice to put my hair in a pony tail but I was always having to re stick the tape. I like longer hair and I think that's the problem.



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