Do any alopecians here online date? I'm thinking of doing it, but as a woman who wears a wig, I am not sure how to broach the topic with potential dates. Is it something I should disclose in my profile, before we meet, or after I become comfortable with the person? My head's patchy so I don't feel comfortable posting pictures of myself without my wig. 

This is a whole new territory I've never had to navigate before, since I avoided any dating when my alopecia was bad. It took me a long, long time to be able to get the courage to put myself out there again, though I am still nervous about getting rejected for my alopecia. Would appreciate hearing any experiences or advice from you guys!

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Honestly, I'm probably not the best person to respond to this because, one I've never done online dating, and two I don't wear wigs. If I was in your situation, and already wore wigs as a normal thing, I wouldn't say anything in my bio about it. People never say, "just a little disclosure, I'm wearing makeup!", obviously the wig is a little different but some people look nothing like they do naturally when they paint a new face on... just saying. Although, if you're already anxious about when the right time is to tell someone about it, then maybe mentioning it wouldn't be a bad thing ( I just feel that most people wouldn't even know what it is and they also wouldn't look it up). 

In regards to getting rejected for the alopecia, even though that is bound to happen and it will definitely hurt, it's better to get rejected then start a relationship with someone who cares more about aesthetics.

Then as for telling someone, I'd do it early on but only when you think it's worth saying. 

Just some personal advice, if you're embarrassed or act like there is something wrong with you then so will other people, if you're strong and confident, then others will think the same of you.  

-Good luck!

Thanks for your advice and encouragement! That's true, no one ever has to declare they wear makeup in their profile. I also wouldn't want to "out" myself to random strangers, given that the internet can sometimes inspire a sense of cruelty in people. I wish wigs were as normalized as makeup, maybe someday in the future.

As a man? No way. I get no matches. Women think bald guys are ugly. Luckily for women you can wear wigs and it’s socially acceptable.

Yep, same here. Absolutely no girls or women even in real life not just online swiping pictures based on looks. When someone has no hair and facial hair he usually looks weird as shit.

Yep women are shallow as fuck. Even on this website. Notice how all the women here have boyfriends or are married? There is a reason for that. Most of the men on this website are single. We are taught a lie growing up that women are the gender that doesn’t care about looks. The exact opposite is the case. Men are less superficial.

Hi im sorry i dont think that at all, i like a man to be a man hair or not! Would love to meet a man with alopecia to compare notes!!! 

No experience as such.... but after all its just some hair.... be confident. Its you that makes you  - not your hair :)

Femmejuice, I believe that you have no reason to worry. You can easily try to get acquainted with the ladies and see how it will be. At one time I was worried about this until I understood the question from different sides and did not come across a very interesting article on about the reasons for loneliness in men. First of all, here are such prejudices. If this place is not very attractive to you, then you can try other dating methods and others. The same Tinder or Hookupmasters. Good luck to you.

Try to speak with girls offline!

I think that today online dating is the most preferable way of searching for your real love. People see your photo and already understand if they want to get in touch with you or not. Due to your location you can visit some local dating app like filipino dating and try to find someone there. It's not so difficult.

I would not worry in your case. If you get rejected, you will. With or without alopecia. I would not lie on the date about myself, but would not shoot it straight away either. Let all come in a right time. 

I had problems with alopecia since childhood and it was because of this that I didn’t even have sex and relationships. I decided to wear a wig to somehow change the situation and even registered on site for alternative acquaintances with fetishists and unusual sex ... and it really helped . I wrote one very nice girl and we recently met and I told her the truth, and I was surprised when she hugged me and said that she loves me in any state, so the most important thing in life is to find love, and the look is not important.



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