So I haven't been on here in a while, but I have SOME fantastic news (well, for me at least!) My husband and I are expecting our first child together! We are due in March 2014. I am 12 weeks along now. Besides EXTREME fatigue and feeling like I'm going to get sick all the time, things have been good. I have finger nails for the first time in my life (they ALWAYS break they are SO thin), and I have hair growth again! Which is where my question comes in. Has anyone with AA had hair growth during pregnancy? I have heard after pregnancy it is normal for women to lose hair, so I'm wondering if this is going to be 9 months of hair bliss, and then WHAM! Its all gone again. Either way I am very happy right now and just feel blessed that after ALL my health problems, something is going good for me. My POTS seems to have even gotten a little better with the pregnancy. I have better BP! (102/70 is high for me!) I am just EXTREMELY careful when I get up. The LAST thing I want to do is faint! My gastro and I have got my Crohn's disease under control, but I seem to have become lactose intolerant with my pregnancy (which I didn't know was possible, but apparently it is), but thank god I like soy milk! But I really would LOVE a milk shake... like ALL the time!! I am definitely looking forward to the months to come, when I look pregnant, not like I just over indulged on the donuts! Hope everyone else is doing great!!


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When I was pregnant with my daughter I had quite a bit of hair growth it was surprising.. it didn't all grow back but a good amount did. After she was born it stayed for a few months and then sadly like you said it is normal for women to lose hair I started to lose it again. It wasn't a rapid lose but I lost all that I grew back and a little more. 2 1/2 years later I have not seen much hair growth like I did during the pregnancy. I definitely don't mean to sound like a debbie downer on this just telling you my experience and hopefully yours will be different and your hair growth will stay!!

Congratulations and enjoy the experience of pregnancy regardless of what happens with your AA and most importantly when that precious baby comes.. hair will seem even less of big deal!

Its definitely not one of my main concerns right now! Thank you for letting me know what happened with you. I know its common, so I guess I will just enjoy what I'm getting now :)

Congratulations Tamara!! Enjoy the hair growth and wishing you a wonderful pregnancy! XX Kim

Thank you!

This will seem strange to you. But I know that we lose our hair involved with UFO. What people need to know, they used us for reproduction. The alien vessel has a light like that of radiotherapy. They raised us with the light to get us inside the vessels. This is done during the night. As we remove the memories we remember anything. While our hair fall for that simple reason. The number of women who lose their hair to increase duraant the last year. Men who lose their hair is the same cause. They are used for breeding. Some alien race can no longer reproduce. So they need U.S.! : (

then during pregnancy you have not used. So your hair regrowth. He'll leave you alone during this time.

Congratulation Tamara! :)

I just joined this site. The first time I lost all my hair, i was about 20, I had tried all the usual treatments and none worked. I had two daughters at the time, then I had two more daughters, I had a very supportive husband, so after the initial shock and anger over losing my hair, i let it go, after all i had 4 daughters to raise.I met a doctor at a party one time who told me He thought my problem was low hormones because I had so many female babies. shortly, i got pregnant again, this time with a boy. All my hair came back by the time I had my son. It stayed back for forty years. i lost it all again after menopause. That was 4 years ago. I didn't do the treatment thing this time, a waste of time and money. I am glad I had such a long period with my hair back, If they could find out what it is that causes your body to attack your hair growth, it would be worth trying. there is always a chance that hair will return. You just never know. Don't dwell on it. eat healthy, keep active and spend time in prayer. Maybe that is why my hair came back, lots of prayer. Now my daughter just lost of her hair, and she is adjusting quite well. life is what it is, so don't make hair your chief focus.

Thank you Greta! I am not too worried about my hair, its just nice that its growing in right now. I still have some bald spots, but not as bad as usual. I even have some LOVELY neck hair growing, LOL. I'm just happy that my other health problems aren't a problem with my pregnancy.

Just a very belated congratulations! I Hope the pregnancy is going well!



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