Hi all,

I have had alopecia areata since I was 16, I am now 23 and have about 30% of my scalp hair, half an eyebrow and numerous spots on my body hair. My brother has had AU for 5 years.

I have so many little white hairs that never come through to pigment and feel like, from my research into xeljanz, I want to try it and see if I can commence a cycle of proper regrowth. 

I know people tend to fly abroad to get over-the-counter xeljanz cheaper than they are online so I was wondering can anyone help guide me as to the best place to source them? I am UK based and willing to travel (once it is safe to do so.) I know in Istanbull they can be available for around £300 per month which would be incredible.

Thanks in advance to any help anyone can offer, stay healthy and safe!

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Hello Ithastogetbetter , 

I also live in the Netherlands, and would like to know more about your doctor and the prescription. I just sent you a friend request here.


Hi SM_10,

there is a thread on here “xeljanz from india”. Lots of people on there from all over discussing how they are getting the medication shipped to them. I think a few people from UK as well. But as another person mentioned the drugs from India/Bangladesh are not xeljanz. They are the generic brand because these countries have special licences to produce the medications at very cheap prices even while the drugs are still under patent. 

Thank you very much!!! Is that with insurance? Only $30...???

  1. No insurance needed. Just $30




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