I'm experiencing unprecedented regrowth, and want to hear about your similar experiences. I have had AU for almost 4 years now, first onset being in my mid-thirties. Possibly there was a link between my stressful job and the hair loss -- I've been away from that situation now for almost a full 3 years. I've been using turmeric (golden paste - supposedly good for anti-inflammation) in the past few months and that's all I've been doing differently than normal. I have tried about everything for varying periods of time over the last few years!

I now have patches of thick, dark hair coming in all over my head, (not connected...yet?) and I'm growing eyelashes and a bit of body hair here and there. I know from reading, not to be too optimistic or get attached, as it comes and goes. But this is something I haven't seen before, and it's all coming in at once. 

What are your experiences with regrowth and AU? 

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Wow! I am over the moon happy for you! I love your eyebrows!

Hi All,

I was suffering from Alopecia Areata from 3 years, now regrowth has started and I am getting my hairs back.

I was frustrated, tried every treatment in the past. Had more than 15 patches on all body, 1 big patch on my beard which covers almost half of the beard, 2 patches on chest, more than 10 patches on head. Now all patches are almost filled. Although I can still some hair fall on the floor. 

I have written a blog with my experience with my images. I hope this will help others as well.


I would be happy to help in case of any questions.


I have just found this thread and it surprises to me that it has been stopped from 2017,  when I see positive feedback with Turmeric in different people.

Any new experience with that or it was a fake?


I take Turmeric 4 x a week. Meh not much growth for me

Hi JeffreySF,

How long are you taking turmeric?

I read some people saying 6 months to see results.



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