Looking for a swim cap or hat with hair attatched for swimming. Daughter does not like the regular swim caps (she has never seen anyone wear one other than the Olympics on TV).

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Hi Tina,

I used to wear the regular rubber swim caps when I was your daughter's age and what I used to hate about them was how they pulled and snagged on my hair and how sometimes I had too much hair to fit under them with ease. Oh the irony. However, they were fairly common over here then and most people with long hair wore them swimming but I suppose now when I'm at the pool you hardly ever see people wearing them. When I was in Italy, it was mandatory for everyone to wear a cap in the pool and they provided you with some light fabric ones - I'm not sure where you can buy them but they were so much more pleasant to wear than the rubber ones. But I've also seen that some of the mainline swimming brands do caps now that look like sharks, complete with fin. I would have loved one of those. Has your daughter seen them? Sadly they don't seem to make them in adult sizes!
One of my friends just swims with one of her old wigs. I don't fancy that and maybe your daughter wouldn't either. But she says it works for her, as long it's nice and secure on her head.

I don't know if this is of any help so good luck.
Take a look at NammuHats.com. I have a child sized swim hat sample I can provide if she likes red. It makes a bow in the back. I have a polka dot one myself!

That is great! Thanks.

Someone here recommended NammuHats.com to me and I LOVE them.  I bought a plan one for our indoor pool and a cute one with a visor for outside. Super comfy.  I was nervous the first time wearing it to the pool and having to tell everyone I now wear a wig but everyone just said they love my swim cap and thought I was wearing it to keep my hair dry so I just kept my mouth shut.  It doesn't have hair attached but they are really comfortable and light weight. 



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