If you don't feel comfortable saying thats cool,

Your type of Alopecia
What happen

Mines is
And my friend noticed the first bald patch that was rather large about the size of a match box and i have NO IDEA where the hair went,
same with the other 2 or so i have no idea where the hair that fell is

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Hi Everyone,

Bare with me I am new to this site! :)

I have AA.

started with 4 bald patches and have now increased to 13! My mum noticed my first one when my hair was wet after coming out of the shower.



My mom first noticed my hairloss in 2005 in a soccer trip to Disneyland. She was putting up my hair in a ponytail and noticed that my hairline at the back was a lot higher than my sisters'. She made an appointment at Children's Hospital and that was that... I remember being super stoked for the appointment - chance to miss school (I was in grade 5) - and had no idea what I was getting into. Took prednizone steroids and got injections and all that, but my hairline at the back kept getting higher and I got all sorts of other spots around my head. Eventually it got bad enough to wear a wig, and then lost eyebrows and eyelashes.

hey there....

I've just joined alopecia world as I felt I really needed to speak to others going through the same thing as me! I was diagnosed with alopecia areata in July.

I had a severe allergic reaction to shower gel I used in the bath. I began to itch and swell up all over my face and body, I went to see the doc and it was on the way there that my mum noticed I had a small bald patch on the crown of my head. It then took 10 days for all my head hair to fallout, before it started falling out elsewhere :(

So now it's almost the end of November and I'm still bald, with no eyebrows BUT I do have some white fuzz beginning to show on my scalp and my eyelashes are back but they are very fine + white...



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