Just wondering, when is the right time to take your wig off? My hair regrew when I was about 25 but then all dropped out about 2 years later. This was actually just in time to coincide with me starting teacher training which seems like it would be terrible but actually worked out because I started wearing a wig again before the school placements and there was no major change for any students to see. It was however deeply disappointing and heart breaking to go through losing my hair again after 2 years of freedom from alopecia.

Anyway that was about 6 years ago and now it has almost completely grown back again. So when is it safe to take the wig off? It’s actually almost easier living without hair because you always know where you stand, you have alopecia, you deal with it and you live with it (I’ve had it since I was 9). But when it grows back and all your friends and family are doing the happy dance, you have to spend your whole time wondering when/if it’s all going to fall out again. And as a teacher, going through that in front of teenage students in a high school is a somewhat daunting prospect.

I have been tempted to shave it all off and continue wearing a wig because then I know that I’m in control, not this pain in the backside “condition”. But what a waste, maybe this is it, maybe it won’t fall out this time? And also I am starting in a new school in a new city next September – perfect chance for a new start, wigless. Or maybe I’m just setting myself up for a fall? The thoughts, anecdotes and opinions from fellow forum members would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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