Okay, so I've been thinking of getting Either tofacitinib or baricitinib. I found out they are both available through Beacon. I was wondering, is one better than the other or are they both the same in terms of side effects and overall effectiveness towards treating AU. Also, is one more effect then the other?

If possible how much does baricitinib usually go for on beacon?

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I was previously on tofacitinib (the brand from Pfizer, 11mg XR), it took 5 months, but I grew hair back and it stopped my inflammation/hair loss.  Things were getting back to normal!  I felt good!  It felt like a miracle. No side effects.  But, it stopped working for me at about the 11 month mark, even though I continued to take the drug. I am worse than I was before.  My doctor switched me to barticitinib (Olumiant, 2mg 1xday) and while it has only been a month and a half, I have had more side effects (a cut got an infection that wouldn't go away, upper respiratory issues, acne) and I don't feel a difference.  Olumiant is supposed to work? ...it's JAK1/JAK2 vs. JAK1/JAK3 (tofacitinib), but from what I've read, barticitinib should be at least 4mg/day to get a result.  I am personally worn down and sad about my relapse and I don't have faith that a low barticitinib dose will work....and feeling too bummed/anxious to wait 5 months to see. 

Tofacitinib was a miracle drug for me - for 11 months.   

From what I remember, barticitinib was 3x more expensive from Beacon than tofacitnib.  Email them and they will give you a quote on both. 

I am thinking I should restart it but at a higher dose, or add on another helper drug specific to my alopecia.  

hello it is quite rare that under medication there is a relapse you have lowered the dose you have had the covid vaccine because this can worsen autoimmune disease.

in clinical trials at 2mg there is little response it takes 4mg.

on the other hand as soon as you are in the fall phase or there is little time. the drug tends to stop working.

this was the case with cortisone and methotrexate. it takes years for it to work again as it does for me. it's been 3 years and I have not had a relapse yet I have had this disease for children

thank you, Kevin.  

I also was surprised that I had a relapse while on xeljanz (11mgXR 1xday). no covid vaccine, no lowered dose.  my doctor didn't know to increase the dose when I first felt relapse coming on - she doesn't feel comfortable with the larger doses.  I have seen on here and in the literature that larger doses can stop inflammation.  I am upset because I've lost a lot of hair and now I think I have permanent loss.

I have been off Xeljanz and on barticitinib 2mg for 1.5 months (I have been off barticitinib for 1.5 weeks because of the bad hand infection).  I am thinking I should restart Xeljanz with 10mg AM/ 10mg PM.  

What do you think?  You shouldn't become 'immune' to JAK inhibitors - maybe the dose was too low?

I already do the clobetasol topical (as needed), usually 1x week.  

many people when it lowers the dosage not all have a relapse, try to increase the dose to 20mg for 4 months but given your situation, that your hair falls out with 11mg. I don't want to make you lose hope or fear knowing the disease well, you are in a downturn phase and your body no longer reacts to the medicine, it does to me with other medicine and it no longer pushes back. it takes years for the treatment to work again. my dermatologist also tells me when there is a relapse in general even when taking the drug again, it no longer works as the body is immune.

try 20mg for 4 months with the addition of cortisone or oral minoxidil but you are prone to infections because of your situation.

as I told you it is really rare that the hair falls out with the same dosage.

 the goal is to have a low dosage to be able to use the drug over the long term

I advise you to add the bethametasone protocol with baracitinib 4mg it is with the addition of cortisone that it really works better or minoxidil oral 

hello i took tofacitinib 11mg for 2 years and i switched to baracitinib 4mg for me i see no improvement it's the same for the side effects for me it's the reverse i feel better with baracitinib and tofacitinib has more side effect it will never be approved for alopecia unlike baracitinib. and I take expensive beacon yes it is much more expensive 100 dollars the box of 4mg and 30 dollars 11mg tofa.

it all depends on the people it can work better or worse.

the best is the ctp 543 which is in phase 3 or the ruxolotinib it is the same molecules but to transform to have less side effect.

it depends on your budget.

I find that I have less loss with baracitinib for the part.



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