Has anyone been told that if they don’t get treatment for their alopecia it might “harden” and you won’t be able to ever treat it? 

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My daughter is a patient of Dr. King who is involved with a lot of research with AA. He stated that the longer someone had AA there is a potential for treatments to be less effective.  He was talking about people with long term AA.  My daughter has been AU for 15 plus years so she falls in this category.  However because she also has eczema and asthma she was given a script for Dupixant and is having some regrow for the first time besides eyelashes and a few random hairs.  

Oh, dear. I hope that your daughter will get better. I believe that your dr. King will do all he can in order to help your lovely daughter. 

just don't give up, alright?

I have a chance to get Dupixent and have wondered if it would put my alopecia into remission.

Then I read that it can cause a stroke and didn't know if I should be concerned or not.

My question is that if it causes strokes, then what types of patients are getting them?

I would think the ones who get a stroke after they use it were already more vulnerable than

the rest of the population and already at

risk for one, but I don't know if this would be true or not.



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