Hi All,

I have no eyelashes or eyebrows and was just wondering what eyeliner, eyebrow products and lashes you all use?

I am very uncomfortable without makeup or a wig on so i wear both all the time, incl the gym and swimming so everything i use has to be waterproof.

Just curious what tips everyone else has.

Jess :)

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 I had my eyebrows tattooed, however now they have faded so I just use brow powder.  I also tatooed eye liner.  Both of theses options I would never do again.  Painful beyond belief.  As far as eyelashes, I have never gotten the knack of putting those on, so I don't.  This disease really sucks.

This disease does suck :( I could not even imagine having any kind of tattoo gun near my eyes!!!! Do you find brow powder easy to apply?does it stay on all day?

Take a look at a product called MY EYEBROW sold by Madam Madeline. They are an amazing company I I buy lashes in bulk from them. I recently tried MY EYEBROW, it is a tatoo that lasts up to 5 days. They come in different colors, different sizes and different arches. 

I could not believe how good they look and if you want you can brush a bit of eyebrow powder over them. Yes lashes can be tricky at first but with time it can really work. The most natural lash is by Ardell #109. If you contact they company they will give you a code for an additional 20percent off. They do this for folks with medical related hair loss. THere is no better company to deal with. 

PS Tattoo nearing eyes makes me super nervous too, have seen some that look great. But I'm too worried. 

I like liquid liner and have friend who's shared using tanning lotion helps make eyes color stay. She had tattooed but he colors faded and said the self tanner gives a nice dark brown color, that stays. She paints it on the brows.

I use the forked eyebrow pens my favorite is Salon perfect brow marker in universal taupe. I have only found it online at Walmart. It is waterproof and lasts all day (does not rub off) I put a little light brown shadow or regular brow pencil just lightly on before, that way I kinda have a template to work from. I have super dry eyes and must put eye drops in often so I use a waterproof pencil liner

I usually get some ideas from pinterest

I think it is all personal preference for sure.  :)  Tattooed eyebrows with a brow pencil is the path we took also.  Have also found glue-on lashes that seem to work ok, but really need to find some good waterproof eye liner.  Any ideas out there?

I've been using the Anastasia brow pomade for years and absolutely swear by it (I've used it all day at the beach / within the water and during various fitness / running events). The makeup won't come off unless you physically touch it. Recently I started seeing someone new and didn't want to wake up next to them with no eyebrows so I tried the Maybelline Brow Tattoo Tint and the Gel products; they claim to stay on for up to 3 days and 24 hours (respectively) and I'm actually super impressed with the both of them. I prefer the Gel b/c I like being able to throw it on b4 bed; it doesn't smudge or leave any stains on anything you rest your face on. The Tint also does an awesome job and I prefer the look of it more then the Gel but if you want the 3 day effect it needs to stay on for at least 2hr (the Gel works immediately).



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