I am not 24 and lost a lot eyebrows. Should I just wait to the eyebrows are complete gone? I fear it will be markedly when I suddenly have much eyebrows. Friends and knew will in public see that my eyebrows cant grow so fast and must be fake. I feel I miss a part of my facial expressions because of that I lose eyebrows. And if I glue on eyebrows, I fear they will lose while I'm sweating. 

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I don't wanna say your lucky but I will say you have a chance to fix it in time. Im 24 and lost my left eye brow. About 95% is GONE. I walk around with 1 eye brow. And my confidence is deteriorating. I have no insurance and not alot of money so im basically waiting for it to either disappear or for the other one to show signs. If you wanna talk more email me. Chris.ruelas@hotmail.com

I would like to talk to people who know what I'm going through 

have you tried Mytwobrows.com?

I've never tried the glue on eyebrows but most people seem to do pretty well with them, you can find the posts by searching on this site. I personally, like many others here, use Anastasia Brow Pomade, and I swear by it. The only thing that will make it come off is if you touch them, I've performed in many sporting events, worn it at the beach, never comes off. And if you specifically don't want people to notice, I think this is more of an obvious comment but, act before they do. 

have you tried Mytwobrows.com?

After losing most of my eyebrows over 10 years ago, I opted to have new ones via tattoo.  Must go to a really good esthetician but looks great.  

Good luck!

Hi Cobra,

At first I tried applying an eyebrow powder makeup on mine.  I found that it was very difficult to wash off even using a makeup remover.  I feared that it was doing more damage to my brows than w/o.  My hair follicles were already struggling to survive/recover.  I stopped with the brow makeup & starting to apply castor oil at bedtime...not too much, or my lids would be somewhat swollen in the am.  Once improvement started to show, I stopped with the castor oil & now I am on a wait & see.  My brows have improved but not yet back to my norm. 

Good luck, Carla

Anybody have options on using rogain to regrow brow??

have you tried Mytwobrows.com?



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