I've decided to getting my first wig. My hair still fall off and I think I'm going to be bald. I am 25 years old male and feel more comfortable with hair than clean bald.

I have to order a wig info meeting at a salon and try wigs that looks like my own hair. Then find one who fit me. Still have enough hair to hide big parts of alopecia, but better early than late. Now the hairdresser can see how my hair looks and find a wig that looks like my hair. And I don't need to buy the wig right now.

Will it take long time to be comfortable to wear the wig?

Will everyone notice my hair is fake?

Will it be challenge to clean the wig the first times?

I am nervous to the going out in public with wig at the first time, but have took research on YouTube and the experience is that it goes fine, but they have got some reactions from friends and people who notice it's a wig.

How will people look at me?

Will someone be angry, because I can go bald and don't have to wear a wig?

Will I be bully for wearing wig?

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Well those are alot of questions but I am glad to answer as many as I possibly can. 

Comfort? Well that depends on the size of the cap and the density of the hair and the cut/style. My thoughts are a human hair wig is best because it will feel better and less chance of shine, which gives it away that you are wearing a wig. Will it be secure and maybe you will need some double sided tape so you do not worry abut it moving or falling off. My guess is that with anything it will take a bit of time to get use to. Let me say again that fit is critical. If it is too big you will not be able to wear glasses, it will bother your neck if too big and it might fall to far in front of your forehead. 

All of the above will best determine if it looks fake. You want a it not to be to packed full of hair, the cut you chose will be important as well. All wigs will need a bit of trim and style in my estimation. Cleaning the wig is easy, go on utube and they will guide you every step of the way. I do suggest you use shampoo without sulfate so it does not change the color of the hair. 

People will not really look at you in an odd manner if you have a quality hair piece and it looks natural, get a cheap one with too much hair and not sized right and they will know for sure. Do not worry about other being angry, making yourself comfortable and happy is all that counts. You better not be bullied and if you are then just know that is their problem. If you need some information on where you might find an honest person that creates mens hair pieces hit me up. All my best. ALO-MOM

Hi Cobra,

If you're speaking on your own comfort for wearing a wig it may take a bit of adjusting so wear it around the house until you get used to the feel of wearing it.  With the wig itself being comfortable on your head you will need to make sure you have the right size, the right type and the right style.  I prefer human hair.

There are some wigs that you can tell are wigs.  I think it depends on the quality.  I spend a lot of money for the wigs I wear so they look really good.

I am bald now and don't have to wear a wig but I do when I want to.  I don't care about other being angry and you shouldn't either.  This is about you and your personal decisions.

As for being bullied - if you need to put someone in their place just do it.  Some people ask honest questions or make comments and they don't mean any harm.  Other people are rude and careless.  Deal with each individually however you see fit  or don't deal with them at all.  It's your choice and don't let anyone take away from your own happiness and self worth.

Wish you well,

I also started losing my hair at 23 and have been using wigs (the custom ones are called hair systems) for years. So, I think I can answer you question:

Comfort? Hairpieces (another name for modern wigs) are not uncomfortable. In fact, if you buy from a good supplier and the right type, it will be super comfortable and breathable.

Will it look fake? Cheap synthetic wigs look fake but modern wigs/hair systems look very real. Custom wigs are designed by referring your hair sample and hence look very real (unless you get a odd hairstyle and wrong density)

Will it be a challenge to clean the wig for the first time? Cleaning wigs can be challenging for the first-time user but if you consult the wig cleaning guide carefully, you can do it without much hassle.

How will people look at me? Will someone be angry, because I can go bald and don't have to wear a wig? Will I be bullied for wearing a wig?

Wearing a hair patch (another name for modern wig) isn’t a big deal in 2020. A lot of people - including celebrities - wear them to fight hair loss. Personally speaking, no one made fun of me when I started wearing a wig. Your friend or colleague will point out only if your wig looks odd. If it compliments you, I don’t think anyone would even notice. 

My only recommendation will be to buy from a good supplier. I was buying from Ace Wigs earlier but switched to Lordhair in January. Check out their collection of hair systems for men.

Take care!



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