Hello Everyone, 

SO now i am in Netherlands now this is my new working place for next two years. 

Telling people about Alopecia here was really easy :D as they asked me to make a presentation about myself to introduce me to everyone there. Everybody know about me now and they are really supportive. 

My new problem is that before coming here i hardly talk with anyone, made no new friends for last 5 years. This is the place which i found close to my heart and feel free to share my feelings. 

As being in my new working place, i like to talk and share my opinion about discussed topic. There is this one person in specific who is now getting to close to my and i think the person decided to help me but the approach is really irritating.

English is not my 1st language so the person every-time correct me in the middle of the talk, i know she wants to help me but sometimes its just really bad and annoying. For example today she stop me 5 times in a 1 min conversation and then started to talk about my bad English. Considering even she is not a native English speaker.. i am confused why that much interference. I really want to be friends with her because we guys have to work together for 2 years now, But her being correcting me like that is just not the right way. 

I am ready to improve and here to learn something. I don't know if its common or am i being too weird about someone correcting me. But for me its hard to talk and her actions really motivates me to be quite and never to open my mouth specially when she is around. 

Do i need to tell her something to stop doing it ? or should i say nothing ?

What should i do ?? 

I am clueless, please suggest something. 

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