This is the most fustrating part about being bald. If you're not already dating or married than there's no hope of finding a mate. Not talking about meeting with a wig then revealing afterwards about being bald. I mean being a proud bald women and having a man still find you attractive and sexy as if you had a head full of hair. Where are these men?

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There are men willing to marry a bald woman. I am one of them. Ethics and healthy life is more important than hair. I'm not fluent in English too

Gee, then I wonder why almost all of my customers, some of whom I met when they were just kids, are all happily married to the BEST men!  The guys love them for who they are, not whether they have hair or not.  These guys are not shallow Hal's.  They have been vetted - they love the person and they won't bolt at the first sign of trouble.

That's certainly a quagmire, there's no doubt about it.  And speaking honestly, I have seen some pretty gals without hair (but I'm not sure that I would be inclined to date one). 

That's a tough one - hang in there!

If you find a good man with compassion he will have no problem seeing passed the hair and seeing who you really are inside. True love isn't about the outside its about the inside and I would say in the inside your beautiful. Once he falls
in love with who you are inside he will see how beautiful you are on the outside.
I have had AU for 40 years and it's all about how I feel inside. I am so much less judgmental of others and have so much more compassion for others and it's all because of this disease. So hold your head up and show the world how beautiful and amazing you are.

 I'm a girl. I know men are more visual and  I think it ingrained in my head that it's of such importance

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As most men have been ingrained to find women with hair attractive, there are also some who find bald women attractive as well. If you just be yourself and not hide behind a curtain you will find someone who's extremely turned on by your look and hopefully who you are on the inside. Bald women are attractive, but confident, bald women are damned sexy.

They are out there!! :)

I lost my hair as a young kid, so I went through puberty and all of my adult life totally hairless. I didn't go out in public bald, though. What I did for myself was try to be the best me I could be. I kept fit, wore the nicest clothes I could afford, did my make-up, and just lived my life. I remained positive. I flirted with men. I put myself out there. I waited before telling men about my wig and my alopecia. Only once in my whole life did I man reject me, but he was very kind about it. (Turns out I dodged a bullet with that guy, anyway! He wasn't "right" for me). I've been in long term relationships with men who I never married. I've also married three times, and my bald head never figured into anything. I have been deeply loved, and I am still very deeply loved and "in love" with my current husband of nearing 17 years.  Just be the best "you" you can be, wig or no wig. My adult son has a friend who is married to a bald woman. She has alopecia universalis just like I do, and they have two  kids, and she was bald when they met. She never wears a wig. Never did. My son also dated a girl for over a year---and coincidentally enough---she lost most of her hair after they got together and when they didn't work out (for entirely different reasons) she broke up with him and he was devastated for the longest time! Just keep being yourself. You are lovable!

This is one of the most "real" posts I've seen.  Read what Susan has written.  If your life has turned out differently, look at what she has said.  Think about it.  The bottom line is that she did not let her alopecia rule her life.  Neither did any of the other people she's referenced.  If you aren't loved, there is a reason beyond alopecia.  You have to figure out what that is and change it.

Most men really like women with hair, and this is not surprising, because it is very scary to have sex with a bald girl. For example, when I was on vacation in Barcelona I called to my hotel a beautiful brunette with magnificent hair and lingerie from an escort agency, and had a great night with her. If a bald girl arrived, I would be scared.

I am actually attracted to bald women but haven’t had the opportunity to meet a lady that is single and bald. I would love that opportunity to present itself to me but so far it hasn’t happened. I will say that being bald is just like any other physical traits meaning that it is not attractive for all but very attractive and sexy for others!!! 

Read more elite singles reviews . I joined and after 1 month there were literally no more options so I think they don’t have enough eligible men in Scotland. Also the app is not available on iPhone. The suggestions I were getting were from people miles away and even though I had stipulated the distance they still made it possible for men to contact me from ages away. I felt it bothersome and a shame to tell people to basically bugger off coz they were too far away.



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