Let me just preface my post with this-- I love my wigs. I'm gonna humbly brag a little here and say that they're beautiful, and, when compared to my friends' hair, my husband tells me that mine is far and away the sexiest, :) I don't mind spending 10,000+ every few months to have brunette "hair" like mine.

But I feel disgusting when I'm not in my wig. I hate it as much as I love it. I hate sleeping in it at hotels, I hate having to bring multiple wigs on trips for different purposes (I can elaborate on that, if I need to). I hate leaving company to run to the bathroom every few minutes to check on my hairline and make sure my eyebrows look good. The thought of my wig coming off nags at me every day, and I just want to live my life like I did when I had hair and didn't have to spend this much and worry this much to look like I do.

 I'm conflicted and would appreciate comments. I need to vent and I need advice.

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I think we all know how you feel. I don't care how confident you re on the outside, there is still that feeling of yuck.i have tried every kind of wig, and can tell you to talk to Debbi Fuller. I have been wearing her vacuum pieces for almost 20 years. They are the most secure, and are the best quality hair you can find.
After my initial getting ready in the morning, I never have to think about my hair the rest of the day.
I still have not found a perfect sleep solution either.
Just remember this, the only thing you can do without hair is a shampoo commercial.

I get my wigs from Paula Young, they are not very expensive and I can change them up when I feel like it without experiencing a large cost.  I do not wear them to bed, but I do rotate them, keep the older ones for wearing around the house and yard while doing housework and yardwork, thus keeping the one I wore to work and out of the house fresh. (I am retired now thus wore and not wear).  As far as what do I wear to bed at home and hotels.  In the winter I wear a stocking cap, my head gets cold, the crocheted or knitted cap fits securely and stays nicely during the night.  I sort of landed on this idea by accident, my husband had so many and I just was so cold one night so I asked him to get one out of his dresser and it worked wonderfully, the next time I went shopping, I got one in a light blue (my favorite color), now I have several pretty ones.  During warmer weather my head still gets cold, so I have a few scarves that I wear and one turban that I got from the Paula Young catalog.  For me I still freeze due to the air conditioning.  As far as my brows I pencil them in myself, the pencil I use comes in several shades, and on the other end has a brush like mascara that seals what I have penciled.  My brows stay just as fresh when I come home as when I put them one.  After 43 years of having AU my philosophy is keep it simple.  I tried all the gimmicks in the beginning, even fake eyelashes both top and bottom to try to look "normal" .  I think all I was doing was driving myself nuts and drawing attention to what I just wanted to not draw attention to, in the end I stopped all make up for a time.  I only do what makes me feel comfortable now and while my husband was alive, he was happier with a happier me.

The Paula Young wigs look great- but I haven't seen them in person. How long with everyday wear do they last? I have had a few The of Paris ones and they have held up well for 6months or a year.

The kanekalon ones last just as long as the more expensive wigs, about 7-12+ months. What a bargain! I have a couple I wear to bed every night. The only ones that DON'T hold up are the VersaFiber wigs which look bad- stiff- after the first washing.

Dear Ms.Taylor,

I read your posting and I do feel the same. But it's time to accept what has happened to us. I am also suffering from Alopecia Totalis - no hair, eyebrows, eye lashes. Not a trace of hair on my body except for my thin mustache. It happened to me when I was 8yrs and was typically a laughing stock. I used to wear skull cap till my brows to cover it up. I met a girl who told me to drop it all and be free. From her I learned that the world will accept you when you are yourself. Hiding oneself and fear of wigs falling down will cause us to arrest our freedom. Be free accept who you are and be with the person who accepts you. After all we are as healthy as an elephant. Stronger too, cause we have faced enough hardships.

Just speaking out to you and all what I felt.

That is a lot of $, but I agree 100% about the vacuum wigs being hot! I had one and it was a huge waste of money.

I've had a vacuum wig for about a year and I absolutely love it (and so does my husband)! I never have to worry about it popping off or slipping. Sometime I even wear it up in a ponytail and it looks fantastic and natural (and no, I don't sell these!). In the spring I went to Arizona on vacation and went for a long hot hike. I could feel the sweat dripping down the back of my head and neck. That was the only time I've ever felt the least bit uncomfortable. I just felt hot - I certainly didn't suffer from heat exhaustion or feel like fainting like someone suggested above. My wig was the best money I've ever spent. If I continue to take great care of it, it should last 2-3 more years. I also had my eyebrows tattooed with permanent makeup and that's the second best money I've ever spent. I found a really amazing makeup artist. They look completely natural and absolutely no one can tell. Once a year, I just go back and have them touched up. I know exactly how you feel. I used to feel self conscious all the time, worrying about my wig popping off or my eyebrows smudging. I live with complete freedom now. It's such a relief. I highly recommend both.

First let me say thank you for sharing your experience. I'm a hair loss specialist from Saint Petersburg Florida. At my clinic I can make custom wigs just for you. This wigs can be bonded with glue to your head for 2-4 weeks fitted especially for your head. Now if you like switching them up we also have temporary bonding that last 2-7 days this at least will give you the confidence of not having to worry about your hairline moving. We do extension, custom wigs and more. Our cost starts as low as $300plus depending on service. I have 10 years experience in Cosmetology so you also get that personal touch. My salon is Dyvine Appointments Salon and Hair loss Clinic you can reach me 813-530-6773. We also carry product to regrow your hair if the Alopecia is reversible.
Women do that who don't wear wigs .. they are constantly covering flaws with make up and clothing etc. I am at the point of needing a wig .. I'm Actually looking forward to it as my hair continues to fall out. I'm in New Jersey where is the best place to get wigs? Or do you get them on line ?

Call Jaine Frank.  She is a rep for Freedom Hair and she also wears them.  you can find her on their website.

Steve Izzo said you contacted him! You won't be sorry! He has been giving me hair for 10 years!
Wow it looks great, and it real hair for sure?



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