I'm looking for wigs online at a really good price, For awhile there I was doing really well, no bald spots what so ever.
But recently, for some unknown reason my hair has decided to develop a mind of its own and Abandon me; Coming out in clumps in the shower, I wake up with it all over my pillow.

I have no idea what to do.
I have a bald spot the size of my fist on the top center of my head, on both sides of my head (just above the ears) and one at the back around the nape of my neck.
They are too big to cover up now.

If anyone knows a good website for cheap wigs, please post it to me.
It's unfortunate how expensive these things can be, and sad to say I cannot afford the expensive wigs :(

So if anyone has any advice, please, don't hesitate to post! thank you
~Kayla Little

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I am in the same boat you are. I wear hats and bandanas now. I went out to a wig store and bought one for 300 bucks. Had it cut like my hair used to be, and I NEVER wear it. Too scared to wear it for some reason. I have been told by some people that the more expensive ones are the best. I get some people say the vacuum ones are the best(3000 bucks) but others say they are WAY too hot. I don't know what to do at this point either. I am so affraid that people will know its a wig or that it will fall of somehow. My Dr started me on oral steroids. I swear I would not do that, but they said it my just stop it for good. That would be nice, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. I guess this will be my last effort medically. If this doesn't work it will be wigs all the time I guess. I have a friend from high school that has AA back then, and I finally found her again on facebook. She wears the cheap wigs. I will get the website and post it for you. How are you doing?
I'm doing alright, My husband is a little off about the wigs. but he's very supportive which really makes all the difference.
I'm sorry you're having such a struggle with them, I can completely sympathize. but wigs can be fun, if you have the right attitude about it. but most people cant tell its a wig, especially a 300$ one, it would take someone who really knows alot about wigs to know its a wig.

And at that point it's usually someone like you or me :)
Hello Kayla and Kimberly,

I just joined . This is my first post.

I have had Alopecia for just over a year and bought my first wig a month ago. I went to the local wig shop and found three sale wigs that I liked, for just $30 each. They are all nice quality. I do wish that I had taken someone with me when I chose. I realized right away that one was not for me. Another one I wear sometimes but I think it looks a little wig like. The third one I love. I feel attractive again when I wear it. My point is that I found a wig I love for just $30.
I know that a lot of nice wigs at the shop were $300. However, I found some of the same wigs online for around $100. You just have to know what you like and what brands are good. You should go to a wig shop and try some on and get a feel for what they are like. The mono top wigs are $300 (a lot less online) and have a scalp and feel nicer.

Do you have a skill you can barter for wigs? I own a custom drapery business and will be trading my services for wigs. It never hurts to ask.

Kimberly, you should wear you wig! Wear it first to places where you do not know anyone . I wore mine on vacation and got used to people looking at me in it. The paranoia is gone now. Since I started wearing mine I have had people tell me they like my hair . That certainly put me at ease. Wear a scarf/bandana with it until you feel brave enough to wear it alone. If the wig is a good fit (color and style) no one will notice that it is a wig.

Hope this helped a little.

How long did the doctor tell u to take the prednisone and how much? I took it for a week then had to taper off it made me feel bad. I'm thinking about going back on it but I'm due to have a hysterectomy
How long did the doctor tell u to take the prednisone and how much? I took it for a week then had to taper off it made me feel bad. I'm thinking about going back on it but I'm due to have a hysterectomy
I've been wearing wigs for 43 years due to Alopecia U. There was a time I would spend $300 and up on a wig but have found over the years that the quality of inexpensive ones is just as good now. Go to wigsalon.com or wigs.com, or Lori's wig site. Don't go by the price you see online. There are deep discounts once place in the shopping cart. "Noriko" or "Rene of Paris" have beautiful wigs. I pay about $65 for the style I wear now. Purchase a color ring first so you can get a real sense of the color you will get. Lot's of options there nowadays.
You have to go to namebrandwigs.com- I think they have the best prices out there. I really like the mono wigs- they look a little more natual & they are also more comfortable. The Amore line by Rene of Paris is great- I use the Ericka wig (w/o bangs, I brush them to the side). That wig is about $117 at that website. Plus, they accept returns for a restocking fee of $15. Sometimes you like something in the computer but not when you try it on, so I think this is an amazing option.
I saw that someone else mentioned wigsalon.com- believe it or not, namebrandwigs has significantly lower prices.
And btw- i just purchased the halo from rene of paris & it's great.
wish you the best!!!!!
I have a wonderful website for you... http://w.mawebcenters.com/galleryofwigs/ecommerce/. they offer returns & exchanges for a re-stocking fee. They have some of them like 50% off what you would see at other websites, but they don't have a huge selection. I have bought two from that website and don't have any problems. One of them was only like $65 plus shipping. And a great website for support on wearing wigs, wigsupport.com. That is where I found out about that website. I hope you find something!
Those suggestions are all good ones. You shouldn't really think about a wig in the price range of $3000 until you have done lots of research on long virgin European hair wigs. Freedom wigs is one company with a couple of famous caps-but there are other companies that provide wigs with long lengths of high quality European hair-but if you want shorter, then that price range is way too high. So do lots of research. And keep in mind your life style because wigs with human hair do require more care in washing and styling-while synthetic wgs are wash 'n wear.
namebrandwigs.com is one of the best sites I have seen, and I have really searched. Sometimes Acewigs.com has certain styles in certain colors way cheaper. Mono's are the best, but pricey. If you have dark hair and /or are African American, you can purchase alot of wigs cheaper...they have so much selection in the darker shades. Hard to find a good blonde shade, like a barbie doll blonde, I always say, to get the point across. Good luck
where do you get this wig-I want to order one-do they stay on well
I would love to know where to get european hair in a lace wig as you are describing, and if at that price, I would definately want one. I just (finally) started a new job today, so I won't have as much time on here as I would like, but then, if it works out and I finally have some extra money. I want to know my options to be prepared. Thanks so much...Oh, must they be glued or taped??



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