Hey guys 

After a long journey coping with hairloss mental health menopause and thyroid my hair has thinned so bad i am now considering a wig. I have spent some time getting use to the idea and accepting its wig time however now i am on a downer again because my research into wearing wigs on a daily basis has left me feeling a little deflated from what i have learned.

Some articles state that wearing a wig everyday will make you lose more hair because of the traction. Also give scalp conditions and irritaions because the head isnt getting any airflow and can smell.

Can anyone shed any light on this and what the consequences of wearing a wig everyday really does to the hair and scalp.

Thanks guys any help will be appreciated at this stage as i feel like i am going insane with it allx

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I'm not a wig wear(er) - i've tried but it seems to be TOO HOT and all the fly away hairs are annoying.  I would say try with a cheaper wig to see if you like it but someone people prefer wigs that could literally run you $100+.  I don't believe you need anything expensive.

Supposedly the wig cap can help protect your hair a little - and about smell; that have to come from someone who literally didn't wash anything and/or slept with it on. Think of it like wearing a hat all day; it's going to get warm under there.

I haven't been on here in years.  I guess you can say that I'm mentally going through it again.  I started the journey in '08.  I can offer you my experience with wigs.  I started wearing a wig as soon as my alopecia began.  First off, they're expensive!  I've gone through the tapes and the bonds.  If you bond the wig, you will have more traction hair loss ( especially hairline because its more fragile).  The bonds can be irritating too.  I'm trapped into wearing one now permanently because of work.  I was always more of a girly girl too & have an ugly head.  I've probably spent a couple hundred thousand on wigs and services.  If you sleep in the wig, it will lose hair fast.  They shed regardless.  Most of the people in the hair industry aren't empathetic.  I'm going through it now with the girl that I use.  I drive from out of state to see her because she vents my parts where I lose hair.  I had to cancel because of a car accident and she wouldn't fit me back in for a month.  The worst part of alopecia is that you lose control to look normal consistently.  I absolutely hate the control that it's had over my life.  I hate that we live in a world where we judge each other by the outside image versus the inside.  Any human hair piece will be pricey.  Please be aware of the sales jobs too, plenty out there!  My problem was I never wanted to take something on and off just to leave the house.  Some people are fine with that aspect.  If you can wear bangs, you'll get a more natural look versus non bangs.  I've gotten use to the feel, but they're hot.  If you go that route, explore different places.  It takes time to get the right color, style, density.   Density and getting one cut in are very important.   The wiggy look is because a lot are too thick in areas around the face and getting your hairline correct.  I've got one more week before my appointment and I get a clean head and not sporting a bald part where you can see the plastic.  I work in sales and I've been sporting eye glasses and hair powder because this dam wig that's been glued down for 2 months with a split base in my hairline.  Also, I live in Charleston now.  If anyone can recommend someone that offers wig venting and repair here or anywhere in SC.  I'm currently still traveling to Atlanta for my hair services (10 hour round trip).  



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