HI Guys,

Has anyone imported Xeljanz from india via Fedex?

Just wondering if its reliable and if it gets through customs without issue.


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Thank you!

She never responds to my emails.

I’ve ordered from Abdullah, I’ve recently pasted it on to a few people on here to order from if you want I can send you the details

I like the details, he sort of dropped off when I suggested I wire the funds instead of Western Union. It doesn't cost me anything to wire but Western Union is expensive.

I would like to seek an advise on my order shipment status to US from Beacon via EMS as per tracking it says on USPS tracking that "Pre-Shipment Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" since July 30 2020, and I do not know what does this means? What I should do? Or who to contact to check for the status on it?

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Mine has been in that status since mid July.  Shipping is very slow due to Covid.  I live in the US.  If my status changes I’ll let you know

Thanks Brock, I will keep you updated as well.
@Brock - any movement in your package? mine is still in same status since Jul 30?

Not sure what I should be doing next? who to reach out?

Anyone else in this group facing these package delivery delays from Beacon as your tracking status might also be stuck in Pre-shipment status? Any advises?

Thanks in advance.

No movement yet.  You could try reaching out to Beacon.  Not sure who delivers to you but I know EMS has had problems.  I figure it’s on it’s way but going to take some time.

I received mine last week. It was shipped on 7/26, so it got here pretty quick. I'm in the US.

Thanks Anisha.
@Brock, I reached out to Beacon and they replied to me saying that they will check with shipper company ie. EMS [i hope] and asked me to check the tracking status on Aug 11, which as of now shows the same status.

My shipper is EMS and still waiting for it.

If I may ask how you were able to figure out that its on the way and not sitting in Beacons country? Any way I can check the status for my package in same way?

Any help would be really appreciable at this point.

Thanks in advance.



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