HI Guys,

Has anyone imported Xeljanz from india via Fedex?

Just wondering if its reliable and if it gets through customs without issue.


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I just got mine today, that was shipping with DHL 

Thanks Lav for the update.
@Lav can you please give Abdullah's email id? I am going to email him as well to see if he can check and find out the details on where the order is? as there's been no update in tracking status on my beacon order with EMS.

Beacon arrived today it was not updating since 7/30/2020 for me,US.

@Tori - sometimes Mouree takes a week or two to respond after money is sent - that's what happened in my case with latest order which I received today - so, I sent money on July 10 and received order on Aug 12, so, practically it took 1 month+ for the entire thing.

Besides to it - I have extra 10 boxes of Tofacinix 5mg from Beacon [30 tab each] SEALED good until August 2021 to sell after receiving today's order from Beacon and calculating my dosage.

So, if you or anyone here is interested in buying from me? I am located in Seattle, US.

I will buy the extra boxes let me know

@Football Fan - I am doing this selling for first time here, if you can please tell me how we should communicate to make it better and faster for both of us?

Hi Tori, I have been trying to reach Mouree for literally months and have not had so much as a hi. So you might have to pay more with Ujwala but he gets the job done quickly and I like his product better. It's not 5 time more, it's 3 times more. The Beacon comes in strips of 30 a box and at 15.00 a box equals 150.00 plus 90 for shipping equals 240.00. 

@All, finally my order arrived today after so much wait since Jul 30. Thanks to all for the updates shared and advises.

Just to give everyone an update on my order to the UK from beacon. I always deal with Abdullah myself. The service is always good but generally takes 5-6 weeks after my payment transferred for the package to arrive. This time the delivery was an incredible 3 weeks. It arrived yesterday via EMS. I’ve ordered another 10 more boxes today so I don’t have a panic again in a few months time. 

Hi Bibby, how did you make your payment to Abdullah and what brand did you get from him? It sounded like all he could get was the 10 pill boxes, is that correct?

Hi Carlie . I always order 10 boxes and each box contains 30 pills. (300 pills per total order) . I make an international bank transfer to their bank directly 



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