I have received a lot of interest from others on here in my involvement with the Xeljanz trials at Yale.

I thought it would be nice for everyone if I documented my progress on here. 

Xeljanz is a Jak3 inhibitor and is believed to work with alopecia by turning off the distress signal relayed by the hair follicle to the attacking immune system which is the cause of the hairs falling out. Xeljanz comes in a strength of 5mg per pill and a full box contains 60 tablets. The recommended dosage for arthritis is 1 tablet in the morning and another in the evening each day.

The trial is set in a series of stages and there are requirements before participating. These include monthly visits and blood tests every 2 weeks. Dr Brett King is absolutely fantastic and is an inspiration to me. His positivity and enthusiasm gives me the much needed hope I have craved for over a decade. I have been put on a low dose to start with which is 1 tablet every other day. My dosage has now been increased to 1 tablet every day and next month it could be increased to 2 tablets per day depending on the results. 

I have completed my first month and have already noticed my alopecia has stabilised . I have not lost any existing hairs. In addition to this I have seen little hairs growing in my chest area as well as eyebrows. Fingers crossed! To date, I have experienced no side effects.


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I can! My dermatologist put me on 1 non drowsy Claritin, two Nordic natural fish oil (don’t buy grocery store stuff, it’s rancid) , three nature’s bounty per day and I monitor my ferritin ct 3-4 times a year, personally my best zone is 80-90 but it’s a huge range for normal so see where you fall. Also, NO dairy (eggs, mayo, not included) and a pro and pre biotic. 


That’s interesting! What is the claritin supposed to help? Do you have all your hair back? I was wondering if i should up my protein intake, i already cut out gluten and dairy. And is that hair skin and nails brand particularly good compared to other options? 

I have mild allergies and her theory is that daily Claritin maintenance keeps them calm. 

I am not a candidate for xeljanze because I’ve not gone past 40% loss but yes, I am much better than before. 

But I will say for me, tracking my ferritin has been most significant. I take slo fe ( sorry I forgot that one) because my ferritin was very low. For me being in the 80-90 range I can get to nearly 100% growth. But the iron builds up so you HAVE to monitor with blood work as too high can be dangerous. When I get too high my hair loss starts again and I have to back the slo fe way down. But it works for me. 

wow...wonder if it will work. I have almost given up hope on something that might help.

Just back agin after long while

following my son Anas update after one year using Xeljanz

all lab test are perfect and TPO decreased from 28 to 9.5  considering the normal Leo is below 5.6

really a great blessing from Allah, and appreciated the exceptional support I got from this wonderful group especially Frida!



Many thanks

Oh Mashloum - that is amazing! He has such beautiful hair. This makes me so very happy. Got happy tears in my eyes! Good job Mashloum! You have been a great father and advocate for your boy.

that's is awesome. as a person that have had alopecia since I was 10, I am telling you this is a great great milestone for your kid. really congrats :-)

Just wonderful, so happy for you both. 



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