Ok, it’s been almost four months since this hair loss occurred. I’m only 15 years old (a girl) and have been drastically thinning overall and now I have a bald spot in my side part!?

Can someone please tell me what they think. I’m going mad. My hairline and temples have been driving me crazy too because they wouldn’t grow but I have fairly thick hair so no one really notices
:(( Also I have dry scalp/mild to moderate dandruff

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So, I'm not a medical professional.  My case of alopecia areata seems to be in remission, so take this with a grain of salt.

That doesn't look like alopecia at all.  To me, it doesn't even look like you have thinning hair.  If you're super concerned, I'd go to a dermatologist.  But from a layperson's perspective, I don't think it's AA.

Thank you, I’m just so worried because I never had this before. It’s definitely very smooth but much too white. I’m not sure if that’s just my scalp but I hope this hair loss crisis will end, no one in my family is bald/has thinning hair. 

But here is a clearer picture. I swear it’s not right!

Again, from my eyes, I’m not seeing anything.  If you think something is up, talk to your parents and ask them to take you to a dermatologist.  That’s my two cents.

My aa started out very similarly to that including the discoloration of the skin where the hair loss is.  I am also not a doctor, but it looks similar to what I had.  I too am a girl and I think that it's in your best interest to visit a dermatologist so that you can be sure.  

x audrey



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